Eagle Express

March 2017

Telescopes, Animals, Star Lab, Rockets, and Ice Cream!

You do not want to miss our "EME NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM AND DINNER" event!

WHEN: March 2, 2017

WHERE: Eagle Mountain Elementary (inside and outside)

Time: 5:30 - 6:30 Food Trucks

(A portion of the proceeds go to EME's science lab supply costs)

6:30 - 8:00 "A NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM"

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: THREE Limited-Seating Events ONLY/ Most Events Open-Seating:

  • ANIMAL SHOW: You must email bwelch@ems-isd.net Only the first 160 people to email Mrs. Welch, will be given entry tickets. FULL as of 2/28. WAIT LIST has started.
  • STAR LAB: Go the Library when you arrive and tear off a time slot to ensure your student(s) will have a spot. The times are specific and you must be present to gain access.
  • FINGERPRINTING: In the fourth grade hall, tear off a time slot to ensure your student(s) have a spot.
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  • Feb. 28- Mar. 1: 3rd and 4th Grade Benchmark Testing in Reading and Math
  • March 2: Dr. Suess "Read Across America" "
5:30 - 8PM: A Night in the Museum and Dinner" EME Open House Event
  • March 6: Pajamas and Pancakes
8:45AM PTA Board Meeting
  • March 7: Author Visit (K-5)
March 7: Chipotle Spirit Night supporting EMS-ISD PTA
  • March 9: 1st Grade Science Program
  • March 21: PTA Spirit Night: Chipotle 3PM - Closing
6:30PM: Course Selection Night at Wayside for 5th Graders & Parents


  • March 22: Wayside Counselors here to meet with students going into 6th grade.
  • March 24: 9:15-10:15AM 2nd Cup of Coffee with the Principal
Battle of the Books (3rd, 4th, 5th) Update Treat
  • March 28: STAAR Writing 4th and STAAR Math 5th
  • March 29: STAAR Reading 5th
  • March 31: 3rd Grade Field Trip


Cafeteria: Did you know when you reach a certain amount overdue in the cafeteria; your child receives an alternate meal? We want all children to receive the wonderfully nutritious meals prepared each day for their minds and growing bodies! Recently, we had a onetime anonymous donor pay off past due balances for our students. Please make sure you check your child’s account regularly.

LiiNK: Did you know that EME will be the only campus adding four 15-minute recesses for 3rd graders in the 2017-18 school year?. Teachers and administrators will complete three days of training by the TCU LiiNK program in preparation for the coming school year.

Kindergarten Round Up: Did you know it is time for kindergarten round-up for the 2017-18 school year? EME’s round-up dates will be the week of May 1-5. Our nighttime event for parents and students will be May 2, 2017 from 6-7PM. Help us get the word out!

STAAR: Did you know we are testing 4th graders in writing and 5th graders in math and reading this month in STAAR? 3rd and 4th graders will be tested in math on May 8th and reading on May 9th. . Science STAAR for our 5th graders will be May 10th.

D.E.A.R. Time: Did you know every child enjoys Drop Everything and Read during their language arts block in their classrooms? Please ask your child’s teacher, if you would like more details. This is only one of the many ways we promote reading and vocabulary development at EME.



March 24, 2017


PLC Room

Come join us as we discuss the happenings at EME!

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We need your help, parents! Lately, we have had some scary moments involving children during drop off.

When you drop off your child in the mornings, please adhere to these safety guidelines:

  • Students should exit the vehicle on the side of the sidewalk ONLY.
  • Students should walk into the building.
  • Students should not be left unattended in the front of the school prior to 7:05AM.
  • If you need to get out of your car to unbuckle your child or have a problem which needs to be addressed, please park and walk them to the crosswalk, so they can cross safely.
  • No children should be dropped off in the parking lot at anytime.
  • Handicap Parking is for handicap individuals only.

Thank you for your attention to these safety procedures. Currently, we have 628 students enrolled at EME.


Following spring break, students will be given the chance to "word up" using their "Be Vocabulous" words for the year. The guidelines to "word up" are listed below and will be discussed with students once they return from spring break. Each student will be given the guidelines to share with you. Classroom teachers will be awarding incentive bracelets to students as they "word up" above Level 1: Rookie.

March 6-March 24

K: Scrumptious: very pleasing or satisfying

1: Oblivious: unaware

2; Precipitation:rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground

3: Appreciate: to value, enjoy, or think highly of

4: Shelter: something that provides cover or protection

5: Consent: to give permission or approval, to agree

March 27-April 7

K: Candid: honest, open, and straightforward

1: Triumph: victory or success

2: Justify: to prove or show to be reasonable

3: Prevaricate: to tell a lie, speak falsely or evade the truth

4: Enigma: something hard to understand or explain

5: Direction: the path way of a object in motion

For online activities with these words go to "Be Vocabulous" EME Vocabulary Program for 2016- 2017


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Thank you to "PIZZA BUFFET" for sponsoring our staff luncheon!