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We are asking that all K-5 teachers utilize Successmaker during their math block as a technology rotation. Students should be using this product 3 times a week for 15 minutes. When students begin this program they are automatically started on an “initial placement” pre-assessment that helps to norm where the student's understanding lies. We are asking that students are done with their Initial Placement by Sept. 30th.

This data will be used to help our new district math interventions. Interventionists will be able to see what standards need to be targeted for student support by pulling their Successmaker reports.

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Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching

In order to better know our students’ cultures, it is important to understand their cultural behaviors. In the month of September, think about focusing on these two cultural behaviors:

1. COMMUNALISM- “We” is more important than “me”. Culturally students are more invested in the success of the whole group versus their individual success.

Implicit Bias: (Possible example: Students choose not to participate in class because they know other classmates will carry them.)

How does your bias get in the way of you infusing opportunities that validate and affirm communalism?

2. CONCEPT OF TIME (RELATIVE)- The event is controlled by human interaction (what is going on in the moment/being flexible with time), versus precise time which follows the clock.

Implicit Bias: (Possible example: A student enters the room late and is immediately seen as disrespectful. A student is viewed as lazy when not finishing assignments on time. )

How does your bias get in the way of you infusing opportunities that validate and affirm the concept of time (relative)?

Think about how you can get to know your students’ culture. What opportunities will you create to validate and affirm their cultural behaviors? As always, all CLR resources can be found on the CLR Google Site. Please reach out to Angelique Masellis or Kimberly Popp with questions.