Hover Case

By : Sierra Hooper Date : 2/17/16 Period : 2

It doesn't need a 'catchy phrase' because it catches itself!!!!!!

Product Name

My product is called the Hover Case. The Hover Case fits on any phone and there is a switch on the back of it, when you turn the switch on the next time you drop your phone the case will make your phone hover over the ground and you won't get anymore cracks or dents on your phone. Sectionalism is important because it played a role in the pre civil war era, and it is also very important that you buy the Hover Case now so you don't have to spend more money on a new phone because you dropped it.

About the Company

Sierra Hooper runs, and invented this company. There are 20 factories all over the country and over 100,000 employees that work there. The original factory/company was built in DeKalb Illinois. Nationalism is important, and if you don't want have to buy another phone because you dropped it then it is important that you get the Hover Case today.
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History of the Company

The company was put together on February 16, 2016, and I put the company together by advertising the Hover Case then I advertised job openings to work in a factory to make the cases. Eli Whitney invented lots of things, and that inspired me to invent the Hover Case. The Cotton Gin was a great invention and once you use the Hover Case you'll think it's a great invention too.


It costs $40.00 per case, and there is a deal going on. If you buy 2 cases, within the same purchase, you get the next case free and you get to choose any color you want. They come in packs of 4 cases sometimes and that costs $120.00. James Monroe was our 5th president and he contributed to the Era of Good Feelings, and if you buy the Hover Case today you'll 'Feel Good' about your phone being safe all of the time.
Hover Case


  • test on the product have shown that it works every time it gets dropped.
  • 95% of americans prefer this product
  • 5 out of 6 americans recommend this product
  • Missouri Compromise played a role in congress, and you should play a role in buying the Hover Case today, you will love it.

National Pride

If you buy this produce it will help the country by having less cracked screens and less broken phones which will save you money because you won't have to keep buying new phones. Spirituals are loved by many people and if you buy the Hover Case now you will love it too.


The case comes with a 3 year warrantee, so within 3 years of the purchase if the case breaks then you can get a new one for free with the color of your choosing. Just sign and you can have the case. Nat Turner was a great man, and the Hover Case is great too. I know you'll love it.