Propagation Smores

Stem Cuttings & Air Layering

Stem Cuttings

Stem cutting is a common method to propagate many woody plants. Stem cutting is a piece of a stem or branch including at least one node in propagation. Stem cutting is also known as striking or cloning which is a technique to propagate plants.


  • Small pot
  • Plastic bag
  • Stakes
  • Sharp nippers

How To Do A Clean Stem Cutting

1) clean the container

2) moisten the potting mixture with water

3) fill container 3/4 full with the potting mixture

4) select a healthy stem, generally from the top

5) remove any leaves that may be in your way

6) cut at an angle

7) make a hole in the center of of the mixture and pot

8) place the cut stem into the hole and place soil around the stem

9) cover with a plastic bag for 2-3 weeks and place in bright warm area

10) once the root has been planted, you may plant outside

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AIr Layering?

Air layering is a form of layering in which the branch is potted or wrapped in a moist growing medium to promote root growth.
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  • pruners
  • floral knife
  • pliers
  • rooting hormone
  • air layering bags
  • aluminum foil
  • sharpie
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How to: Air Layering

1) add water to the soil

2) fill a layering bag 3/4 full with soi

3) tie bag

4) choose an upward growing branch

5) choose a spot on the branch. 4-6 inches

6) remove the bark from the area

7) apply rooting hormone

8) cut a prepared layering bag

9) wrap the soil/bag around the branch

10) cover branch for 6-12 weeks

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