Worthingway Middle School Updates


Dear Families,

Construction is really progressing at Worthingway! We are set to move students to the new wing of the building starting 2/8. A lot of preparation is going into that move. We are all excited to make the move, but there will be some challenges along the way. Staff will begin moving items next Friday, and continue to do so through 2/8 so that we aren't trying to accomplish this in one weekend.

The greatest challenge I see over the coming months will be related to traffic. When students and staff move to the new wing, construction will begin in the area we departed. Construction will also begin on the parking lot closest to Guyer Street. We will lose complete access to this parking lot for the remainder of the school year. Please be mindful and aware of student foot and bike traffic. We will have signage, a student crosswalk, and adult supervision to help keep students safe.

This being said, parking will be limited, but more importantly, student drop off and pick up will be congested, 8:15-8:45 and 3:30-4:00pm. My hope here is to get the word out early! Entry to our parking lot will only be permitted from Rieber Street. Cars/buses will travel one-way through our lot and exit onto Guyer Street. Buses will drop off and pick up closest to the building. I have included a visual below of these changes. Students and families will continue to enter and exit the building through door 1 (the same entrance we use now) until 2/19. Beginning 2/22 students will use our new main entrance.

Our new cafeteria and office areas will not be available to us until 2/22, which means students will continue to have to eat in our current gymnasium. Thank you in advance for your understanding and I am truly sorry for any inconvenience. This year has taught me to be REALLY flexible!

Have a great weekend!!


Mr. Kellenberger

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Water Bottles

We no longer have water bottles in the office. Students are permitted to bring their own water bottles and to refill them at our drinking fountain near the office.

8th Grade Families: TWHS/WKHS Scheduling

8th Grade Families,

High school scheduling is starting. Mrs. Fei will be sharing a lot of information with our 8th graders over the coming weeks. This will include whole group and individual scheduling support and high school program information, likely via videos shared in assist AND in the school newsletter. Below is a timeline of upcoming events. As a reminder, current 8th grade students, who attend Slate Hill Elementary School, will attend Worthington Kilbourne High School next year. Information will be updated on our school website.

Linworth Alternative Program


1/25 and 1/26: Curriculum Night videos shared.

1/26 and 1/27: Mrs. Fei to Social Studies classes to explain registration. Registration cards passed out (due back 2/2 and 2/3).

2/2 and 2/3: Signed registration cards due. Mrs. Fei to Social Studies to support student registration (students will physically register for high school classes at this time).

Mrs. Fei will contact OOLP families directly to provide support.

Leftover Remote Breakfast and Lunch Donations

Do you have leftover school breakfast or lunch items? Several families have volunteered to be neighborhood drop off locations for these items, including fruit and produce. These items will be collected and then donated to the Worthington Resource Pantry. Please see below for locations serving our school. Should you need the address for other locations across the district, contact Veena Gopalakrishna at Gopalakrishna.1@osu.edu.

● Worthington Park: 777 English Oak Court

● Worthington Estates: 6800 Alloway Street East

*this program will operate through the REMOTE or HYBRID School period.


Please visit our school website for athletic information or contact Mr. Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org) our school Athletic Director

There will be Spring Sport Information on the Worthingway Web-site the week of February 1. Information will include a spring sport video that will meet the preseason parent meeting requirement.

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Worthingway Middle School

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