10 Main Points

chapter 5 section 4

Ratifying the Constition

1. Alexander Hamilton Federalist

  • Supported the constitution as an excellent plan for the government.
  • Defended his views in the Federalist Paper.

2. George Mason Antifederalist

  • Opposed the Constitution
  • Believed the Constitution needed a section guaranteeing individual rights.

3. Federalists are the supporters of the Constitution, the people that was in it included James Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. Most Federalists believed that the Constitution offered a good balance of power between various political views.

4. Many Antifederalists were small farmers and debtors. Patriots were strong Antifederalists, including Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry. Antifederalists was challenged by those who believed that the United States needed a stronger central government.

5. The Federalist Papers supporting the Constitution were written anonymously under the name Publics. They were actually written by Ham-ilton, Madison, and Jay.

6. The Constitution needed only 9 states to pass it. However, to establish and preserve national unity, each state needed to ratify it.

7.Paul Revere served on a committee sup-porting rati cation. He wrote of the Constitution too.

8.On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the 1st state to ratify the Constitution.

9.In November 1787, Number 10 in the series called the Federalist Papers was written in support of the Constitution.

10.Rhode Island was the last state to ratify the Constitution in May 1790.