By:Christian Green

What is the size of the countries area?

The are is 6.602 million square miles.(17.1 million km2). That's about the size of 5 Australia's.
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What is the population of the country?

As of January 1,2014 145,700,000 people live in Russia. 16.8%of the are aged from 0-14. 70% are aged from 15-64, and 13.1% are aged from 65 and over. That number is increasing daily just like the rest of the world.
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How educated is the country?

Russia has three stages to there education. Primary education, which lasts for four years; basic general education lasting for five years and secondary education which lasts for two to three years.
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How large and equipped is the countries armed forces?

Their Supreme Commander in Chief is Vladimir Putin. They have 766,000 ranked 5 soilders active personnel and that number in creasing rapidly. 2,035,000 solders are on the reserved personnel. The ages are between 18-27. Also the budget is $90.1 billion dollars.
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Physical Features

Russia is huge, Russia is the largest country by land and is surrounded mainly by water. The country is surrounded by 12 seas and 3 oceans and is composed of a quarter of the largest unfrozen freshwater lakes.
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How productive is the countries economy?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Russia was worth 2014.80 billion US dollars in 2012. Every few year it may go down but it always rises always. In 2013 it was at 2014.8 billion dollars

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