Wanted: Measles


Measles' Crimes

You know her as Measles, but her full name is Morbillivirus Measles Virus. She attacks children normally, she makes them cough, have a fever and a severe rash. She can also cause diarrhea and kill children. She kills about 200 people every year. Measles is quick to attack, anywhere her previous victims have been are a danger zone. If people are not vaccinated they have a good chance of catching her.

How to Catch Her

Things You Must Know

While Measles is very dangerous, if you are prepared you will not get hurt. Make sure to be vaccinated so that she cannot contaminate you. If you do not vaccinate and she latches onto your cells with her spikes and poisons you with her DNA you will just have to wait and hope for the best.


Help us doctors destroying disease and report any suspicious activity.