A flyer about a common disease caused by a bite!

How the disease is tramsmitted and what some symptoms are.

How malaria is spread is through the bite of a female anopholes mosquito. Most of these mosquitos are located in South America, South Asia, India and Africa.

Once your positive you have the disease, the symptoms are like having the flu, execpt it takes 4 days or up to 1 year for the disease to spread inside your body. You will know this once you have some of the following symptoms: Chills, sweats, tirdness and headaches.

How Malaria is treated.

Much medication from doctors, and sleep.

Ways you can prevent and help yourself stay away from the disease.

Giving yourself medication from misquito bites, taking antimalarial me dicdation from your doctor, and sleep saftley with sheets and conditioned room.
United Against Malaria PSA featuring the Nigeria Football Federation

4 interesting facts.

1)Only transmitted by female mosquito's.

2)It drove the creation of the CDC.

3)EIGHT presidents had malaria.

4)It was present in Jamestown 1607.