Fun Jumping

Jumping into a pond off a ten foot water slide

Summer Fun

I went to High Pines Campground in Eagle River. I went so I could see my uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins that live further away from us. I went there on the second or third week of summer. We went on a bouncing belly, go karting, riding horses, and lastly jumped off a ten foot water slide into the pond below. All in all it was me my family just goofing around and having fun together.

Look At Me

Some other things we did there was first riding horses. It was my first time getting to ride a horse and I got to ride the biggest one they had there, her name was Apollo. Then we all decided to go go karting. I luckily beat my uncle it it was really fun, plus I got bragging rights! Lastly we got to go on the bouncing belly or pillow witch ever you would like to call it. It was fun to do tricks on it and you could bounce really high on it.

The Science of It

The Science of it is gravity. Gravity is what pulls you down to the Earth or in this case into the water. It also relates because of how are body reacts to being submerged in the water, and to falling. When we are submerged in water are body thinks we need to close are eyes and try to swim up to get air. Then when we fall are natural reaction is to put are arms out to protect are selfs from getting hurt. But when you are dropping at a higher hight we tend to tuck or tense, witch in some cases gets you hurt more then just relaxing.

I Wonder

I wonder if there wasn't gravity to pull is down what would have happened? What would have happened if are body's reacted different to falling? What would have happened if all we did was sink when we where in water? Lastly I wonder what would have happened if we fell from a different altitude?