JoLLE January Newsletter

Conference is Coming!

Out of the Box and Into the Margins with JoLLE

The JoLLE Winter Conference is coming up NEXT WEEK--Friday, February 3 and Saturday, February 4, 2017. The theme is "Out of the Box and Into the Margins." You don't want to miss the Friday workshops, which are included with your registration; they are filling up quickly, so go here to register and sign up as soon as possible. Friday night's community event features Eric Velasquez, a children's book author and illustrator, and will be held at Stan Mullins' art studio. Our keynote speaker for Saturday's conference is Nick Sousanis, author of Unflattening.

This year’s conference features educators and students who take risks, sometimes subversively, to employ and widen the spaces between the essentializing forces that we all face. We invite artists, gamers, remixers, techies, and fandoms. We invite all who experiment with the intertwining of identities and all who refuse to be labeled to share and explore how to exert agency within highly constrained contexts--or, in other words, how to move out of the box and into the margins.

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