All about our amazing softball team!

Mission of Softball

"Stop crying, start sweating." -Doc Lyle.

He doesn't want to hear your crying, he just wants to see you working hard!

3 quotes from 3 athletes!

Riley Browder "Keep it simple, stupid."

Courtney Lawerance "Go out with a smile, come in with a bang."

Savannah Vick "Rub some dirt on it!"

These are the sponsers of softball...

Softball is an awesome organization that helps you become a better person as well as an athlete.

The whole organization!

Achievments of Softball

Some of the achievements that have been obtained is that Coldspring's softball girls have had the best season since 2008.

Riley Browder set the school record for stealing bases, season and career! She has also signed with Baylor University.

Taylor Haper and Ashlyn Monroe set a single season record for RBI (runs batted in.)

As a team they have stolen 118 bases and the state record is 120-130.