1950s Popular Culture in Canada

Teenagers, T.V., Suburbs, Music, New Products, & Fashion

Canadian Family Watching T.V.

Televisions revolutionized popular culture in Canada in the 1950s. In particular, family life dramatically changed with the introduction of the T.V. to the home.

1) Create a caption for the photograph.

2) How is this family scene different from a typical family in 2016?

T.V. Commericals - New Products for the Canadian Family

Television meant that Canadians started watching commercials in between programming. Commercials often featured new products that were targeted at families. Watch the commercials below.

1) Identify three strategies/features used in these commercials that helped to persuade family audiences to buy the new products.

Commercials for New Products

Music in the 1950s

Watch each of the videos below.

1) Write a sentence that describes rock and roll music using four adjectives?

2) Why were many parents in the 1950s worried about this new kind of music?

Family Stereotypes

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Watch this Video - "A Date Night With Your Family"


1) List three historical details that describe family life in the 1950s.

Popular Slang in the 1950s


1) Using the slang of the 1950s, write 2 or 3 sentences describing your plans with your friends on the weekend.

Fashion and Fads in the 1950s

1)Look at the images below of 1950s fashion and fads. What was life was like in the 1950s? Provide two observations based on the images.

2) Write two sentences that describe life in the 1950s using any historical details.

Cars and the New Suburbs

An interesting timeline of the car & technology in Canada - check it out!

A typcial house in the 1950s

1) Look at the aerial view below. Why do you think living in the "suburbs" was desired by Canadian families?
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Car Culture


Grease was a popular movie in the late 1970s about teenagers in the 1950s. Check out the video clip below for the sounds, fashion and culture of the 1950s!