S'More From The AP

Week Ending January 8, 2015

Instructional Rounds

New Years is a perfect time to invest in yourself and set some awesome goals, so we think this is the perfect time to share the following!

Last semester, many of you were involved with our very first set of instructional rounds. This was such a great day of visiting classrooms and learning alongside each other. Our next set of rounds is coming up in a few short weeks!

As we brainstormed and planned out what this practice would look like here at Old Settlers, we collaborated with a couple of other campus leaders who are members of our Professional Learning Network on Twitter. One of them, Steve Wyborney, was very helpful to us in sharing his experiences and suggestions.

Recently, he shared about his experiences with Instructional Rounds on his blog. We think he has some incredible ideas for how teachers can "take the reins" and create their own opportunities for observing each other and developing cooperative structures for peer learning. The entries include short animated posts and a series of challenges for teachers. Of course, we will have another day of Rounds here at OSE, but you definitely don't need to wait on that to enjoy the benefits of observing your friends!

For this week's S'More we thought it would be neat to share this with you. If you see something you might like to try, or if his experiences lead you to have another idea, please let us know. We would be happy to cover your class or help you find coverage!

You can also connect with Steve on twitter at @SteveWyborney. He would be thrilled to have you join his learning network and happy to discuss, learn and share with you!

The link below will take you to his blog and his entries on Instructional Rounds. Enjoy browsing through is entries and let us know if this sparks your interest and how we can assist you!