Ranger Ready

Tech Thursday | 15 December 2016

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Please provide the Department of Organizational Learning with feedback by completing the questionnaire regarding the support received thus far during the Ready 1:1 rollout.
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Teachers, please mark your calendars for the mandatory Ranger Ready 1:1 Refresh Training taking place the week of Monday, January 9 – Friday, January 13. This refresh training will take place after school in the library from 2:45pm – 3:15pm.

Why 1:1?

By providing a device to students, GISD wants to level the playing field and give each of them a chance to explore new learning methods and personalize their educational experience. We want to encourage them to be innovative and think creatively. The Ready 1:1 program:

  • helps prepare students of today for world of tomorrow
  • creates conditions for future success by helping students become the types of candidates desired by colleges and employers
  • provides preloaded digital resources on devices
  • helps students becomes creative, innovate problem-solvers - the type of candidates desired by college and employers
  • provides equal access to technology in and out of the classroom

Why iPads?

  • College and Career Readiness
  • Access to iBooks
  • Access to iTunes U including TEA, Pre-AP and AP content downloads
  • Teacher proficiency
  • Compatible with classroom tools like TI-Nspire calculators and science probes
  • Digital resource compatibility
  • Lightweight, durable and portable