How video games benefit kids.

Video games and the benefit on the brain.

Why video games may be good for you

A lot of people say that video games are bad for you and you shouldn't get to play for a long time or it would rot your brains out. That's what my mom would say anyway, but we need to get more educated about how video games affect the brains of kids before anything. In recent studies, we have actually found out that video games actually benefit us and in more than one way. Here is an example I took from a news article "video games can help people see better, learn more quickly, develop greater mental focus, become more spatially aware, estimate more accurately, and multitask more effectively. Some video games can even make young people more empathetic, helpful and sharing. " So if you ask me, I think we should be implementing video games in schools. Video games benefit kids in more than one way, people think that it's bad for you when in fact it is really good for a developing child's brain especially. (Fleming BBC)

Milatary use

In one of the articles i have linked they have a example of the army using video games to train soldiers and replicate certain scenarios that they can't really do all the time. I think that if they have soldiers who do it, then I think it's safe.

Pictures that I found that suport my point.

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