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January 16, 2015 3rd Edition

Survey Monkey

Thank you to those of you who have answered my survey. The survey remains open and your feedback means a great deal to me, feel free to answer the questions and type in any additional information in the boxes provided. Click on the "January Parent Reflection and Feedback Survey" below.

A Glimpse Inside the Classroom

WIN (What I Need) Time- Win time takes place for about 20 minutes almost every day. I have been planning whole group, centers and small group instruction activities based on the student's areas of strengths and needs. But after giving the students the opportunity to evaluate their own data from their data binders, I realized that most students knew the areas that they wanted to be challenged in and/or could identify areas that they wanted more practice or instruction. So based on our conversations, I have created new games and activities for them to do independently, with a partner or in small groups with me.

Writing- In writing this week we completed our benchmark assessment on opinion writing.

Reading- In reading, students were in and out of the classroom taking their individual mid-year MClass Reading Assessment. Our focus in Reader's Workshop this week was author's purpose and the focus will continue into next week so all student have an opportunity to read with partners and create "Pockets Full of Author's Purpose". "Pockets Full of Author's Purpose" is a comprehension activity for their Reading Notebook where the students have to determine the author's purpose choosing between four different text to read. Once they read a text that have to provide details that support whether the author's purpose was to persuade, inform or entertain.

Math-In math, I started to give the students their individual mid-year CBMA assessments. The students also used white boards to share their thinking when solving algorithms. We also practiced being able to explain their mathematical thinking in their own words with math models to demonstrate.

Specials & Events

Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Library
Thursday- PE Please wear sneakers
Friday- Art

Friday- Toe Jam Puppet Band 6:30-7:30


ELA/Math Packets
Spelling Review Week- Individual lists


OPTIONAL HOMEWORK- I-Ready, Big Universe, Typing Club and

Video of the Week-Brain Breaks

I am a true believer in "whole brain" learning which simply means engaging as many parts of the brain as you can in the learning process. If your child sat in my classroom all day long and wrote with their left hand, then the only part of his/her brain that would be engaged is the right side. Cross lateral movements throughout the day are important to energize and boost the use of all parts of our brains. We use all kinds of brain breaks to help simulate our thinking. We do the calming "Hook Up" and the "Pretzel" (ask your child to demonstrate) and yoga, to sing-a-longs, free style dancing, educational videos with lots of cross lateral movement. is a site we use daily in the classroom. You can sign up for an account at home but since I cannot link a video from that site, here is one that I found that the students particularly love!
[Just Dance 2] Crazy Christmas - Santa Clones

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