Come To Texas Ad

William Olufsen

Come to texas the best state around!

Come one come all! Texas is open for all. With a mild climate and plenty of fertile soil, Texas is the state that's right for you!


the climate for Texas is mild, not to hot or cold. Perfect for farming and great for working outside


land is a important part of Texas. with a cheap price of only 12.5 cents per acre buying many acres is better than ever! farmers that come to settle in Texas get 177 acres, however cattle raisers that come get 4,428 acres of land!!


all of our people that come to Texas are all healthy, no poverty and no sickness.


our land is perfect for all your farming needs with cheap land, and tons of land itself farming in our rich fertile soil is easier than ever!

Our land policy is great and easy to follow!

Becoming a colonists!

To become a colonist in texas is very easy. All you have to do is follow these easy three rules

1) You must become catholic

2) You must obey the law