Kindergarten - Deerfield Elementary School

Mrs. Zickert

January 2-3, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope everyone found a chance to rest and relax during the holiday break.

It's been hard being stuck indoors this week...but we've done lots of dancing and movement to help the students! (see the below picture!)

With such a short week, we took it easy and worked back into our classroom routine. We took this opportunity to review many of the concepts taught and to work on writing. You will see more and more student writing coming home now. The students are working hard to sound out words ON THEIR OWN. The words may not be spelled correctly, but that is ok! We want to the students to write what they hear using all of the phonics skills they have learned. This is essential in helping them to become independent writers. Please also encourage writing at home with your student.

This week we also learned 2 new consonant blends /sh/ (as in sheep, ship, push) and /ch/ (as in chew, chop, bench) We call /sh/ the "quiet sound" and /ch/ the "chocolate sound."

Next week we will continue our 4th unit in the Lead 21 Reading Series. This unit focuses on Outdoor Explorers. The students will learn about weather, the seasons and how to take care of our natural resources. The popcorn words for unit 4 can be found on the yellow cards.

Upcoming Unit...

Our next unit will be:

Classroom Helpers...

Calendar: Macy

Teacher Assistant: Arden

Hand Sanitizer: Madyson

Caboose: Cameron

Equipment: Lily

Substitute: Greenly

Librarian: Emmerson

Star Of The Week

Our next star will be in 2014!!

Fresh Food Friday

Snowman Cookies

This activity was planned from our holiday party, so we made it during snack time today instead.

**Please help us to restock our snack supply for the month of January. Please remember, we are a nut-free classroom!**

We also need to re-visit the idea of Fresh Food Fridays. I am willing to continue this if families are interested and willing to participate. Some families have expressed interest in helping by sending in a fresh food on Friday as opposed to sending in money. I am open to whatever you prefer!
Please e-mail or send a note with your thoughts!

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten...

January 15 Early Release @ 1:20
January 24 11:00 Dismissal
January 29 Early Release @ 1:20