Spread Kindness on Social Media

Emily Hull Chattahoochee High School

Be Bigger, Be Stronger, Be the Change

"You may not be responsible for being down, but you are responsible for getting up"

-Jesse Jackson

You know cyber bullying is wrong, therefore, you can be the change. Don't take part in it and help make the Internet a better, safer place. Think about how it would feel if an anonymous person was posting untrue or hurtful things about you on social media. You wouldn't want someone else to feel that way. There are terrible consequences that will hurt not only that person, but their loved ones and those around them. Please, think twice about what you post before you post it.

Take the Pledge

I, *say your full name*, pledge to think before I post, be kind to all, and help make the online world a nicer place. With this promise to myself, my friends, and my witness, I will encourage others as well to follow in my example. The world will be a better place because of my impact alone, along with whomever I affect.