Fidel Castro

Biographical Information

  • Born August 13, 1926
  • Lived in poverty as a child
  • Loved sports
  • Was interested in history and geography

Fidel Castro didn't have the easiest childhood. He was born into a poor family and wasn't very good at school. He ended up going to a college and got involved in politics. He was involved with the liberal movement and showed this by stealing guns from a police station. He married Mirta Balart. Castro began being influenced by communism and marxist ideas. Castro decided that he wanted to run for congress in 1952. He didn't win and decided to start an underground organization to overthrow Batista, the current president. He was then sent to jail for leading this organization. He then leads his troops to overthrow Batista. They get in a battle and Castro's guerilla warfare troops end up winning and Batista collapses. Then Castro asserts himself as the prime minister of Cuba. Then he has trouble with the U.S because we found out he was letting Russia put nuclear missiles in Cuba. The United States then sends in former Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs battle. They end up losing and it is embarrassing for the U.S. Then the U.S blockaded Cuba and they were forced to comply. Castro was very quiet until he resigned in 2008.

Fight to achieve the impossible and win!

This propaganda poster is from when Fidel Castro was encouraging his troops to overthrow the current president of cuba at that time, Batista. Castro's army consisted of his underground organization who planned to overthrow Batista. They were severely outnumbered by Batista's army, but they were highly trained and skilled in guerrilla warfare, so they had the advantage over Batista's troops. This poster translates to "fight to achieve the impossible and win" it is significant because Castro's troops were so outnumbered by Batista that it seemed nearly impossible to win. But they ended up fighting anyway and won, so this poster could be a reason why they got together.


Coming from a humble beginning
Castro had the dream of winning

He worked hard as a child

And he became rebellious and wild

He dreamed of leading the people

And getting there would be illegal

He gathered up some troops

and organized a military coup

He dethroned the president

and took over his residence

He became ruthless and cruel

And led with dictatorship rule

He teamed up with Russia

Now the U.S wants to crush ya

We blocked his country

now his people go hungry

He was forced to give up

His country divided up

People could debate

If castro was really that great

Essential Question

Was Fidel Castro's dictatorship for the good, or for the bad of Cuba? Did he help, or hurt the country?