All About Me

Arshveer Deol

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Arshveer Deol and this is my smore. I am 15 years old and in grade 10. I attend Louise Arbour Secondary School located in Brampton, Ontario. I was born on October 18, 2000 in Etobicoke, Ontario and have a background of Sikhism. I'm a right-handed person and around 5 feet 8 inches. My family has 5 people including me. This includes my mom, dad, and two sisters. I'm an athletic, responsible, caring, intelligent, and friendly person. I love being active and playing sports, especially with my friends. I like to socialize and meet new people. I care a lot about school and my education which is why I try my best in school to achieve the highest mark possible. In my free time I play PS4, specifically Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and NBA 2K 16. I enjoy watching all types of sports, especially basketball and soccer. I love listening to music. I listen to music everyday even when i'm doing homework.

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My Life

My First Basketball game

For my first basketball game I went to the Air Canada Centre in April, 2015. I watched my two favourite teams battle against each other, Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers. I was also able to see my favourite player, LeBron James in person, instead of seeing him on television. It was a great experience and I'm planning on going to more games in future.
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My Favourite Things

My Leadership Style

I have two well developed leaderships styles are Coercive and Pace-Setter. I show and present these styles in basketball. The position I play in basketball is point guard. This position requires lots of leadership. Point guards have to control and lead the team by calling plays and by changing defenses mid-game. I have to be coercive because I have to drive to succeed and make winning the only option. I demonstrate pace-setter because i have to lead the team by example. When I play well my teammates also play well because they gain momentum. These leadership styles represent very well in basketball and in everyday activities.

My Influences

I have many influences however these are the main ones are my parents and sisters. My dad is a big influence on my life. He has made me street smart and has taught me many things like cutting the grass or painting a wall. He has also bought me many things like my phone and PS4. He has also taught me a lot about business. He had owned a business for more than 30 years so, this has led to me also loving business. I have gained lots of experience in the business field because of him. Another large influence is my mom. She has also taught me many useful things and lessons in life. She is very supportive as she always encourages me to do the best possible. This has led me to becoming good in basketball. My sisters are also a big influence because my parents expect to me to be similar to them and to do better than them in school. This why my parents always compare my marks with their's and this results in me doing better in school. My friends do influence me. They make me want to get good marks in school because we have friendly compettions. There are many influences in my life but these are the major ones.

Role Model/People in my life

One person that has been a role model in my life is LeBron James. He's a professional basketball player playing in the NBA as a small forward. LeBron plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers, having a jersey number of 23. He has been a very important person in my life since he has been able to change my life significantly. I began to watch basketball in grade 7 all because of him. I also began to play basketball because of him. My whole life before grade 7 I played soccer and I was very good at it but, LeBron James made me switch. LeBron James is my favourite athlete and NBA player. I just think he is very smart on and off the court. LeBron has changed the way basketball is played because of his ability to play all-around. This has changed the way I play basketball too by making me want to get rebounds, assists, and points. LeBron is very business minded as he has been able to make millions of dollars off his investments and endorsements. This has affected me a lot making me also very business-minded. LeBron is one of the hardest workers in the NBA since he practices a lot. This has led me to practicing a lot also so I can become good in basketball. He is also a caring person as he gives back to communities and people in need. LeBron James is a person that I still look up to since grade seven.
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My Future

In the future I just have one goal which, is to own my own successful business. In the future I want to be an entrepreneur and not work for anybody. I want to have my own hours, I want to hire employees by my choice, I want to create/improve an product or service by myself, and so on. When my dad came from India he worked for a few years and opened a business which became very successful. He went to work anytime and had freedom and that was something I liked as I grew up. Also many cousins of mine that are under the age of 30 are entrepreneurs. They have many successful businesses and are living the life already. This has also made me want to be an entrepreneur. I always imagined myself one day owning my own business and having a good life. I want to make this an reality now. I am going to go to an university and get a degree in something for business which can help me in the opening of a successful business. Also before this I am going to have to get an job so I can save up money and then invest it in my business to make it grow. By the time I turn 30 I want to own my own business, have a nice car, and maybe even a condo/house.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning style - Visual Learner

Personality - Executive,

Interests Test - The Visionary

Motivations - Achievement

Occupations - Entrepreneur and Film editor

Multiple Intelligence - Interpersonal and Kinaesthetic

True Colours - Orange

Keirsey Test - Guardian

Right or Left Brain: Right- 42% Left- 52%

Holland Code Career Test: Doer

The test that was most accurate for me in my opinion was the occupations test that I did on my blueprint. My top two careers that I got were entrepreneur and film editor. These two careers are occupations that I have thought about pursuing from before. Entrepreneur has always been my first career choice from around middle school. Film editor has been my second or third career choice from the start of high school. My plan is to open a business that connects with my love for film and editing. Also my career choices after these two were similar to ones that I had in mind from before.

The most helpful test for me, once again is the occupations test from my blueprint. This test has actually made me want to open my own business and maybe even connect it with film editing. I always had thoughts before that it is unrealistic to open a business because it takes lots of money, its risky, and it's hard to manage. I use to think that these careers are just my fantasies and are not going to be occupations i'm going to have in reality. However, this test has changed my thoughts and has made me more confident about being an entrepreneur, film editor, and or even combining these two together. This test has made me feel that these careers are actually made for me. This is because before the results I had to answer many questions about myself and the results from this showed that I should be an entrepreneur or film editor. This test actually had an impact on me and was able to help me be more confident about my careers choices.

The test that was least helpful for me was the true colours test. This is because it wasn't that accurate and wasn't something that really helped me. After doing the test it said that I was an orange. But the problem was only some characteristics for orange matched me. Also many characteristics from the other colours matched me. The questions and characteristics were too broad so it was difficult to match them to yourself. So, this test in my opinion was some what wrong and inaccurate.

Four of my best strengths are organization, hardworking, caring, and respectful. I consider myself a very organized person. I have an agenda on my phone to remember my homework, assignments, and tests. Also I like to keep everything organized and clean like my room and work area because i'm not able to focus properly with a mess. I also consider myself very hardworking. This is because I always try my best and put in full effort for all the things I do like my projects and assignments. I work hard in basketball and practice a lot so I can be as good as possible. I am a caring person. This is because I care about other people's opinions, thoughts, and feelings. I am a respectful person too. This is because I respect other people and their belongings. In gym class I try my best to not damage or break any equipment. I respect the school's equipment and think of it as if it was mine. I demonstrate these strengths everyday

My 4 weaknesses are time management, presentations, distractions, and patience. . I am a person that usually gets late for everything. I go to school and my basketball games late usually. This is mostly because I get ready late and take my time before. In addition, to this I am very weak at doing presntations. I hate standing up infornt of the class and presenting. I am not good at memorizing which makes it harder. I didn't do that well on my SAP speech because I sometimes forgot my lines and had very little eye contact. Also, i get distracted fast by others. In civics, I sat with my friends and talked with them a lot even when we should be doing work. Luckily I was still able to do really good in the course. My last weakness is patience. I hate waiting for something for a long period of time. When I go to Wonderland and I see a big line I usually skip the ride. Another example is when I go shopping and there is a big line I'll usually tell my mom or someone to wait in line until or i'll just leave the store. I always try to improve my weaknesses and try to have as many strengths as possible.

I didn't really learn anything from the tests. Most of the stuff was things I already knew. These quizzes didn't really have an impact me on me or anything. Only the occupations quiz did, which made me confident about being an entrepreneur/film editor. That quiz also surprised me because the top 2 recommendations were basically already my top two career choices. Overall it was fun doing these quizzes and trying to find out more deeply about yourself

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