Cloud Computing

Shannon McElhenney

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is shared infrastructure over a network. It allows for software licenses to be purchases for each client (computer, mobile device, etc). these licenses are on a per month basis and allow for software updates when there is a new version available. for example, if Photoshop was on it's second version and you had a cloud license, when the new version is released, you can download it.

How does this lower my costs?

Adobe Creative Cloud allows for full access to the adobe professional products for $69.99 per license per month with updates to the latest software. To purchase a licenses for specific programs costs $29.99 per license per month. If you require more than 2 programs in the adobe line which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and Muse (website design), it is probably more cost effective to buy the Creative Cloud subscription for that client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for sevices I do not want or need? No you only buy what you need from the cloud infrastructure company; however, if you are using more than 2 products on one client it will most likely be cheaper to purchase a Creative Cloud license for that client.

If I have Creative Cloud and I do not use a product, then decide I want it, can I start using it? Yes, if the client had Creative Cloud, then it has access to all products. If you decide you want to use a product you have not used it before, you can access it on the client or download it from adobe onto the client for no additional charge.