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August/September 2014

Central Middle School Media Center

Mrs. Fee - Media Specialist

Ms. Wyrick - Media Assistant

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Library Laws & More

The media center staff has a few reminders about library programs and technology usage. When sending students to the library independently, please remind them to sign in & out. There is a black binder located next to the circulation station for this purpose.

Students will not be able to check out books until they have gone through library orientation. Orientation dates will be Aug. 12 - Aug. 21. E-locker training will be Aug. 6 - Aug. 11 for 7th graders (please refrain from having students log onto computers until e-locker training is completed). FYI: There is no longer a generic login. I will send out information regarding STAR and AR access soon.

What's Happening?

Our current awareness service can help you keep up-to-date in your field. We will e-mail you tables of contents from professional journals. If any articles interest you, respond to the e-mail and we will route the journal to you as soon as possible.

Our current professional journals:

Faces (print & online)

Cobblestone (print & online)


Phi Delta Kappan (print & online)

Online access information for the journals is listed below with the online subscription databases and resources.

Tools for Teachers

*Copy machine scanner

*Professional development area

*Digital cameras

*Digital video cameras

*Cassette players/CD players/microphones

*Laminating service: bring items to library

* Poster printer

*4 mini iPads and 2 Jam speakers available for checkout

*DVD/VHS collection

*Book sets

*Book binding machine/paper cutter

*ebooks (Blio/Axis 360) and Follett audiobooks

*iPad accessories

We Can Help You By:

▪Collaboratively planning and teaching research units for your students.

▪Recommending resources.

▪Matching real literature to textbook


▪Providing booktalks or read arounds for classes.

▪Preparing reading lists.

▪Providing in-service training in technology use.

▪Providing online subscription database training for you and your students.

▪Providing AV equipment.

▪Purchasing materials to support your curriculum.

▪Teaching curriculum-related information skills with you.

▪Brainstorming project ideas, lesson strategies and topics with you.

▪Placing materials on reserve.

▪Informing you of new books, equipment, software and computer services.

▪Providing instruction on how to document sources using MLA format.

If you wish to reserve the media center for

research or book check out, please sign up in the black binder (behind the circulation desk) located in the media center or just email me.

Online Subscription Databases and Resources


Description: SIRS Researcher contains full-text articles and graphics exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political and global issues. Internal links include: Leading Issues, Natural Disasters, Focus on Terrorism, Today’s News, Maps of the World, World Almanac Excerpts, and much more.

Remote URL:

Remote username: 37-3382

Remote password: bigchalk


Description: CultureGrams contains reliable and up-to-date reports on more than 200 countries.

Remote URL:

Remote username: 37-3382

Remote password: bigchalk


Description: World Book Online contains articles from the 22-volume print set. This Internet version of World Book offers related articles, web sites, pictures, videos, and sound clips.

Remote URL:

Remote username: bcscworldbook

Remote password: allabouta2z


Description: BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students.


School username: centralmsbp

School password: brainpop


Description: NetTrekker is an academic search engine. Online

resources are previewed and selected by educators.

You can quickly and easily find websites for your own use. These resources are organized according to readability evel and are age-appropriate.


Username: cmschargers

Password: chargers


Description: Learn 360 is a website for K-12 multimedia educational resources


Username: cmschargers

Password: chargers




Password: central


Description: edHelper is a website that contains theme units, worksheets, printables for many subjects.



Password: central1


Description: Faces is an online & print magazine that includes articles and activities on world cultures.


Username: 29202990

Password: e2cf425e

Teacher's Guides:


Description: Cobblestone is an online & print magazine that includes articles and activities related to American history.


Username: 29203104

Password: 6d05435d

Teacher's Guides:;


Description: PDK is an online & print magazine that includes articles about K-12 education.


Username: central

Password: chargers


Description: Glogster is a 2.0 web tool that allows users to create virtual posters - posters can also be printed.


Teacher Username: iubogey

Teacher Password: teacher

Please see me for student account access.


Description: Inspire is a collection of academic databases.


No username or password required


Description: Gale e-Reference books are a collection of subscription e-reference books including books on topics such as chemical elements, volcanoes, biomes, junk food, green resources, and much more.


Username: central

Password: home

Digital Audiobooks

Bluford Books and Audiobooks
Bluford Books are a collection of young adult books set in contemporary urban America. The books feature male and female main characters. All books are very short (less than 200 pgs.) All titles are available in the media center. Click link below for access to the audiobook collection:

Follett Audiobooks

Description: Follett Audiobooks are a downloadable audiobook collection. Audiobooks can be streamed online or the app can be downloaded onto a mobile device. This was Catalist Digital last school year. We are still waiting on the new app. to become available.

Blio/Axis 360 ebooks

Blio/Axis 360

Description: Axis 360 is a digital media platform that includes Blio (an ereading software application). eBooks can be downloaded in EPUB or PDF formats, or in Blio, to serve a range of PCs, ereaders and mobile devices. For more information, please see the media specialist.


Idea Corner

If (historical character/book character) had Instagram during his/her lifetime, what would s/he have found important to share with the world?
Students take photos of situations/scenes/objects the character would have found important enough to upload to Instagram. Students could also write a short paragraph explaining photo.
*Source - Teachers Pay Teachers

Tech Corner

The Noise Down app is a good way to measure the noise level in your classroom and keep it to a dull roar. An alarm will sound when the noise level exceeds the number of decibels you set. Try it out today!


Accelerated Reader Statistics

607 students earned at least 25 points in the accelerated reader program. The 7th grade avg. book level was 4.8. The 8th grade avg. book level was 4.9. The 7th grade earned 47,687.4 pts. and the 8th grade earned 53,990.4 pts.

Circulation Statistics

2013 - 2014


Loans & Renewals by grade level

8th Grade: 11,595

7th Grade 14,120

Read What the Students are Reading!

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen - 2014 - 2015 Young Hoosier Nominee

Synopsis - In the country of Carthya, a devious nobleman engages four orphans in a brutal competition to be selected to impersonate the king's long-missing son in an effort to avoid a civil war.