Computer Lab News


Happy May!

Pre-K - Pre-1st Grade


We watched a BrainPopJr video about capital and lowercase letters, and then we practiced using our fingers on the Doodle Buddy app to write both our first and last names with the right capital and lowercase letters.


We played several games that have reinforced our patterns, colors, and shapes knowledge. We also practiced our keyboarding skills.


We used ABCya's StoryMaker to create a picture and a sentence explaining what we already know about the ocean, since pre-1st will be completing an ocean unit this month. We also practiced our keyboarding skills and then went on a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo!

1st - 3rd Grade


We learned how to use two new programs this week: Photo Booth and Microsoft Word. In Word, we practiced typing sentences, highlighting text, changing the font, size and color of the text.


We practiced keyboarding skills and also went on a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo!


We were introduced to the Ozobots this week! We learned and practiced using paper and markers to draw codes that the Ozobot can read and respond to.

4th - 5th Grade

This week we began editing some stories in iMovie for our brand new newscast. The fourth graders came up with names for the newscast and the entire school voted. The final consensus: Paladin Nation News. The students (along with Mrs. Fickley and I) are working diligently to complete the first newscast by the end of the school year! It will be a rough first cut, but it's a preview of the amazing work that the current 4th graders will be working on next year. More information to come.


We watched a video from a website called that introduced the students to the possibilities in the field of Computer Science. We began using a program called Code Studio to continue our computer coding training that we began with the Ozobots. We also continued utilizing our free trial of Typing Agent, the keyboarding program that will be implemented next year.

Other Resources

World Book Online- This website can be used for research for Fellowship elementary students at home. Username: fcshome / Password: 123456