Welcome Back Staff!

Back to School Information - 2018


2018-2019 St. Patrick School Staff

Office Staff:

Tonie Eads - Administrative Assistant (front desk)

Lisa Angotti - Administrative Assistant (back desk, mornings only)

Becky Orr - Lunch Coordinator

Kaci Monaghan - Principal

School Staff:

Mary Ragan - ECC Staff

Sr. Judy Hayes - Volunteer; FLL Coach

Elva Clevenger - Custodian (mornings)

Don Humphrey - Maintenance

Parish Office Staff:

Julie Hess - Part Time secretary

Lisa Angotti - HR

Robin Lamb - Finance/Liturgist

Jean Folken - CFF Coordinator

Deacon Mike Lewis - deacon

Father Matthew Brumleve - priest


Fundraising Chair: Juanita Hausman

Marketing Chair: Kayla Guettermann

PTO President: Laura Richards

Full Time Teachers:

Lindsy Alexander - Kindergarten

Anna Koehne - 1st grade

James Prim - 2nd grade; FLL Coach

Maia Hamilton - 3rd grade

Rebecca Ross - 4th grade

Chelsi Berry - 5th grade

Melanie Tucker - 6th grade Homeroom - Science/Social Studies

Devy Combs - 7th grade Homeroom - ELA

Dana Nolan - 8th grade Homeroom - Math/Religion; STUCO sponsor

Part Time Teachers:

Pamela Rader - Inclusive Education (M-F mornings until 1:00)

Brad Donnell - PE (Tues, Thurs, Friday mornings)

Mary Kay Lofland - Art (All day Tuesday and Thursday)

RJ Keitchen - Technology (M, W, Friday mornings)

Music - TBD

Favorite Things

Have you filled in your favorite things? This is for my use only, and no one other than faculty and staff has access to it!

Fill in your favorite things here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_5WpQmdrZ24k0vk0qqqvbaXV5V_TRi0mNxF6tIVI3tQ/edit?usp=sharing

If you have any problems accessing the spreadsheet, just let me know!

Important Upcoming Dates for Teachers/Staff

August 1: Office staff returns; Kaci is in Principal Meetings

August 2: Kaci and Dana to diocesan meetings

August 3: New teachers to diocesan meeting; Happy Hour meet and greet

August 6: Teacher Work Day

August 7: Teacher Work Day

August 8: All Staff Meeting

August 9: Morning PD; Afternoon Teacher Work Day

August 10: Morning PD; Afternoon Teacher Work Day

August 12: Prayer walk and Picnic

August 13: Teacher Work Day; Back To School Night (feel free to come in late this day)

August 14: Teacher Work Day

August 15: Diocesan Opening Convocation Mass - 8:30am

August 16: First Day of School

St. Patrick Prayer

This year, we will learn the following St. Patrick prayer that we will say each morning. My hope is that students will pick it up quickly, but you may want to practice as a class for the first few weeks of school!

This is a modified version of the traditional St. Patrick Prayer.

Oh faithful and loving St. Patrick,

We pray that

the wisdom of God guide us

the word of God speak for us

the hand of God protect us

Oh faithful and loving St. Patrick,

We pray that,

Christ be with us

Christ be with those who think of us.

Christ be with those who see us.

Christ be with those who hear us.

Oh faithful and loving St. Patrick,

Pray for us.

School Songs

With the diocesan theme of "JOY: Jesus, Others, YOU:, I want to teach our students the following song that we can sing each day. It is quick and easy to learn!

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.


Down in my heart.


Down in my heart.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

Down in my heart to stay!

Watch the first 24 seconds of this video to hear the chorus that we will learn.


Another song I would like our students to learn is "I Won't Back Down". Now, this may seem silly. It's a Tom Petty song, is that really Catholic school appropriate? But if you listen to these words, how powerful are they?? We want our students to be armed with the word of God and to be strong enough not to back down!

Well I won't back down.

No I won't back down.

You could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.

Gonna stand my ground.

Won't get turned around.

And I'll keep this world from dragging me down,

gonna stand my ground.

And I won't back down.

Hey baby.

There ain't no easy way out.

Hey I

Will stand my ground.

And I won't back down.

Well I know what's right.

I got just one life.

In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but

I stand my ground.

And I won't back down.

Hey baby.

There ain't no easy way out.

Hey I

I will stand my ground.

And I won't back down.

You can listen to the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdyRPjv-G14

Teacher Requested Supplies

Most of your supplies have been placed in the faculty lounge on the table against the wall or on the main table. Feel free to take your supplies back with you.

K-5 Science and Social Studies materials, handwriting books, and take home folders are also available.

Students are encouraged to purchase planners for $5.00. Please do not take planners at this time.

Lead with Literacy

I've spent my summer researching, reading books, and searching Twitter to find ways to inspire our students to read. Many times, we turn students off from reading (I've done it, too!) by forcing them to read only what we choose for them, forcing them to stop and discuss when they don't feel like it, inundating them with worksheet packets of comprehension questions, and telling them not to read ahead. I've been one who did this, and I'm really ashamed of myself!

Why is reading important? Students and adults who read for pleasure tend to have:

* Increased empathy

* Greater ability to communicate and work with others

* Larger vocabulary

* Reduction in the symptoms of depression (WOW!)


* Stronger analytical skills

* Reduced stress

* Memory improvement

* Improved focus

* Better writing skills


And so much more!

So how can we show our students that we are Leading with Literacy at St. Patrick School?

1. "What I'm Reading": Each teacher and staff member will receive a "What I'm Reading" sign to hang outside of your classroom. I'm asking you to add a picture of yourself (you can print a black and white one at school like I did) and write the title of a book you are reading. What if you're not reading a book? Start reading one! We can't expect our students to develop a love of reading if we, as their educators, don't model that for them. You could be reading a novel, a children's book, a magazine article, a comic. Anything that YOU enjoy! Model your own love of reading, so that your students want to follow in your footsteps.

2. "No strings attached" books in the classroom. I want every classroom -- yes, EVERY classroom (Art, Music, Computers, PE, Science, Math, etc.) to stock a classroom library. Now, you may be thinking...oh sure, Kaci, I'll run right out and buy a bunch of books with my own money! No! I'm willing to help. This summer, I decided I wanted to create a library of books in my office that anyone can choose from any time - no strings attached. I made one phone call to a parent and by that afternoon, I had an entire library filled. Better yet, she's willing to do it for our entire school. On top of that, I am willing to give each of you a stipend to build your classroom library, choosing books of all genres, new books, old books, comic books, graphic novels, different reading levels. And what's the catch? The catch is that these books are available to any student at any time. No sign outs, no punishments for not returning a book. I want our students to be able to walk up to any shelf anywhere in the building a take a book that interests them. Of course, we will encourage them to put the book back when finished so that another child can read it, but we're not going to hold it over their heads if a book goes missing.

3. "No strings attached" books throughout the building. Slowly but surely, you will notice bookshelves popping up in random places. My first goal is to have a bookshelf placed in the office lobby, where students who are waiting, or even parents who are waiting, can grab a book and read. I'd also like to get bookshelves placed outside of bathrooms on each floor, in the cafeteria, outside of the gym, and my biggest goal is to create a "Little Free Library" out by the playground. The idea is that our students have access to books everywhere they go. Waiting in the hall for a restroom break? Grab a book. Finished your lunch early? Grab a book. Waiting in the gym in the morning? Grab a book.

4. Daily Independent Reading time. I strongly encourage you to give independent reading time...wait for it...EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It doesn't have to be an hour long. Give students 10 minutes before recess. Or 10 minutes at the end of the day. Or 10 minutes at the START of the day. Encourage them to find books THEY love. Let them find a comfy place on the floor to sit. Or, take them outside on a beautiful day! We can't develop a love of reading if we don't read and our students won't love reading if they only read what we force them to read. And just to be even more controversial...haha..don't require them to log their minutes. Don't require them to write a summary. Don't require them to do a book project about their book. Instead, spend time talking with them about what they're reading. During lunch, sit down next to your student and say, "So I noticed you're reading (fill in the blank). I've never read that, can you tell me about it?" Or, make a point to ask at any other point in the day. Just don't disturb their independent reading time. In fact, YOU should be reading right along with them. Bring in your own book, find your own comfy place to sit, and spend that time falling into a good book of your own! But what if I teach art? Or Math? Or Science? Or Music? I still encourage you to find time to allow students independent reading. Maybe it's something you encourage if they finish an assignment early or when they finish a test. Maybe you line your shelves with books about your subject area. How cool would it be for a student to pick up a "Learn to Play Guitar" book in music class that inspires him to take lessons? How can you find time for independent reading time every single day? What about: during restroom breaks, waiting to go into a specials class, in the gym at the start of the day, in the gym at dismissal, finishing lunch early, 10 minutes before recess, 10 minutes after lunch, during transition times in the classroom.

5. School Wide Weekly Independent Reading Time. Our schedule this year has a built in "School Wide" time in which no one has a special. This time is devoted to assemblies, families activities, service projects, etc. I would like to spend 20 minutes of that time in "Read Like a Panther" time. Every student, every teacher, every staff member has a book and reads. The entire school shuts down and reads. What about days when we have assemblies? Families? Etc.? We can decide as a staff to move our "Read Like a Panther" to another time.

6. Talk to your students about what they are reading and about what YOU are reading. Instead of forcing projects for every book that is read, or forcing reading logs, worksheets, etc, spend time talking about what you and your students are reading. Once a week, hold a "book chat" time, where students can volunteer to share what they are reading. Allow kids to get excited about what they're reading and excited to share it with their peers.

7. #Bookshelfies. In the hallway, we will have a place where students can take a selfie with a book they are reading using a school tablet. They can then share their #bookshelfie on the school Twitter page. I encourage you to stop by to do the same! Tweet the selfie with hashtags #bookshelfie, #readlikeapanther, and #stpatsreads

I encourage you to read the book, "Lead with Literacy" to learn more about instilling a love of reading in your students. I'm reading it now and would be happy to share it with you when I'm finished! In fact, you're welcome to ANY book on my shelf!

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Professional Learning Teams

This year, we will have a few different ways to collaborate.

Grade Level Teams:

K-2; 3-5; 6-8

Specials Team:

PE, Music, Art, Technology

Expert Teams: (Will also serve as our mentor teams)

ELA: Anna, Chelsi, Devy

Math: James, Maia, Dana

Science/SS: Lindsy, Rebecca, Melanie

Booster Teams:

Lindsy and Anna

James and Maia

Chelsi and Rebecca

Middle School

Professional Learning Blog

This summer, I asked you to read the book, Teach Like a Pirate, and comment on our St. Patrick Professional Learning Blog. Many of you have already participated and I love the way we have been able to connect from afar. If you haven't had a chance yet, please log on today and post your comments. It's easy to do. Just "reply" and add your comment! Remember, we are supposed to complete part 2 throughout the month of July.

You can find our blog here: https://spscollab.blogspot.com/

Twitter - Free Professional Development

The best educators know that they don't know it all. They find the importance in seeking out new ideas and techniques to use in the classroom. One of the easiest forms of FREE professional learning that you can do while sitting at home in your pj's with a glass of whatever you like to drink is by joining Twitter.

If you're new to Twitter, start by following me @kcmon4. Then, search for who I follow and add them to your own page. Before long, these people will lead you to discover even more people who are out there doing amazing things for kids and sharing them with the world.

Don't be afraid to join in! Share your own ideas, ask questions, ask for feedback. Twitter can be a daunting world, but it is so full of great ideas. Make time each day, 10 minutes before bed, to search through Twitter to see if you can learn something new. We can't expect our students to love learning if we don't love it ourselves!

Add Us on Social Media!

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Happy Hour Meet and Greet

Please join us on Friday, August 3rd at Paul and Jack's in downtown North Kansas City. We will meet around 3:00 for a couple of hours of fun! This is a great opportunity to meet the new staff members and kick off our school year. Spouses/significant others are also invited and encouraged to attend. I hope to see each of you there!

You can learn more about Paul and Jack's Happy Hour menu here: https://www.paulandjacks.com/happy_hour.html

Wednesday, August 8 Staff Meeting Agenda

Please bring with you: Laptop, TLAP book, something to write with

8:00- 8:30: Breakfast goodies in staff lounge

8:30 - 9:30: Basic School Info

-- Handbook (Please see handbook here prior to our meeting:

St. Patrick Handbook: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzJ_YBEqM_0Fc1VfV3hDVVg1NFk?usp=sharing

Diocesan Handbook:


-- Diocesan Policies (Please watch the videos prior to our meeting and be prepared to sign off on them)

Bloodborne Pathogens https://youtu.be/Atw1ZvalgZ4

Mandatory Reporting https://youtu.be/N2AGgpJnfz4

Social Media https://youtu.be/tINYcwfI5so

Sexual Harassment https://youtu.be/ESsUsRBwfx4

-- Supplies

-- Diocesan Info (theme for the year)

-- Planners (usage in grades 3-8)

-- Daily Schedule changes (mindful mornings, 3:15 dismissal, boosters, collaboration)

9:30 - 10:30: Professional Development

-- Mission/Vision

-- TLAP Book study

-- Sparks in the Dark

10:30 - 11:30: Team Building Activity

11:30 - 12:00: Father Matthew Introduction

12:00 - 12:45: Lunch (provided - taco bar)

12:45 - 1:45: Sycamore training (all staff required)

1:45 - Closing

Thursday, August 9 Professional Development Agenda

Please bring with you: Laptop, something to write with

8:30- 9:00: The importance of literacy across the curriculum

9:00 - 10:00: Boosters classes expectations and schedules (Reading)

10:00 - 11:00: Boosters classes expectations and schedules (Math)

11:00 - 12:00: Finding your joy

12:00 - 3:00: Lunch on your own, work in classrooms


Friday, August 10 - Professional Development Agenda

8:30 - 9:00: Writing Initiative - Every teacher is a writing teacher

9:00 - 10:00: Teaching Writing - Anna

10:00 - 10:30: Creating and using scoring guides

10:30 - 11:00: How can YOU encourage writing in your classroom?

11:00 - 12:00: Teaching mindfulness

12:00 - 3:00: Lunch on your own, work in classrooms


Sunday, August 12 - Voluntary

Although this is not a mandatory event, I would love to see you at these 2 great community building opportunities.

9:45: Prayer Walk for Schools - Parents, Parishioners, and Staff are invited to come together in prayer for the students of St. Patrick. We will begin by gathering at the flagpole, where each person will receive a prayer card. Then, you are able to walk at your own pace to different places on our campus where you are prompted to stop and pray for different people. Last year was our first ever prayer walk and it was a beautiful way to kick off the year.

Noon: After the 11:00 mass, we will have hotdogs, chips, cookies, and a drink. Children will be invited to play on the playground, or with bubbles, chalk, and other recess equipment. This is a very low key way to meet people and get acquainted with our community!

Monday, August 13 - Teacher Work Day/Back to School Night

Back to School Night begins at 5:30pm. Because of this, you are welcome to come in late that day. Just be sure your room is ready to greet your students and their parents that night.

Back to School Night Agenda:

5:30 - Families will be encouraged to come to the gym where they can:

- Pay fees

- Sign up for online tithe/tuition

- Look for uniform pieces

- Order spirit wear

- Join parent organizations

6:00 - All to gym (including faculty) for:

- Welcome and prayer from father Matthew

- Welcome from Kaci

- Staff introductions

6:15 - Students and parents invited to classrooms to drop off supplies (very informal)

6:15 - PTO will have a treat for students/families in the cafeteria

7:00 - Staff may leave. Please plan on staying in your classroom until 7:00 (which is why you can come in late!)

Wednesday, August 15th - Opening Convocation

The diocesan opening convocation takes place at 8:30am at St. Therese. Please arrive by 8:15. We typically meet out front, so that we can sit together as a staff. Some people may make plans to meet and carpool.

After mass, there is typically a small presentation from Dr. Dan Peters, and the morning usually ends around noon. The rest of the day is yours to do with what you want!

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Thursday, August 16 - First Day of School!

Please meet in the staff lounge at 7:15. I know, I know, it's early! But, I'd like to gather together for a quick prayer, before we all move outside to greet our students upon their arrival.

At 7:45, we will begin a new tradition. We will stand together in the gym to pray and say the pledge of allegiance, before sending classes down the hall. This is something we will discuss further during our PD time together.

At 8:00: Morning announcements will be read by two of our 8th grade students.

At 3:10: Gather in gym for prayer and dismissal. (Another new tradition)

Immediately following dismissal: A treat for YOU in the staff lounge. It won't require you to hang out for very long!

The First Days of School - Teach Like a Pirate

Upon reading the book, Teach Like a Pirate, I hope you were inspired to reinvent the idea of the first day of school! How can you get away from the normal "Rules and Syllabus" review and do something that gets the kids excited to come back for day 2? Day 3?

Since we start on a Thursday, I would encourage you to TLAP for the entire first week of school. Do you need to be doing some exciting thing all day long? No! Just throw in some hands on, engaging learning activities that give your students a preview of what they can expect in your classroom this year.

Can you throw in some rule teaching? Of course! When doing a hands on activity, you will have plenty of opportunity to do some hands on rule teaching! If a student shows off task behavior, it's a great time to stop and say, "How do we feel about talking out in class? Could we come up with an agreement to keep that from happening?" And then let your class tell you what they think! You're still getting the rules you want, just giving your students a voice in them.

If you haven't thought of your first days yet, I encourage you to find ideas and be ready to share them with your peers during our PD days!

Find more ideas here:



Weekend School Mass

Father Matthew asked me to set aside one weekend a month to sponsor a "School Mass". During this time, I will ask for student volunteers to participate in mass that day or to simply wear their uniform to mass. I will also ask different grade levels to sing a song during mass. This is a way to get our parents to weekend masses and to allow our church to know how much we appreciate their support.

Please see the schedule for school mass here at the link below. I have listed which grade levels will sing at which masses, so you can plan ahead to attend! Your students LOVE when they see you at mass, so I hope you can attend. We will plan a song ahead of time and have them practice it during music class. We may want to do a quick dry run at the Wednesday mass prior to the weekend mass as well.

St. Patrick School

The mission of St. Patrick School is to develop young men and women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Encouragement is given to students to bring their lives into conformity with God's will and plan, so that He is glorified.