Weird animals

By: Jessica Morales

The pink fairy armdillo

  • This kind of armadillo only live in Argentina ,in sandy planes and grasslands.
  • “This particular species of armadillo generally ranges between 90-115 mm in length, excluding its tail, and will weigh less than a pound.” The scientist from the university

  • This armadillo is the smallest armadillo that has ever lived.

ghost shark

  • It is a new species, in that scientists identified it for the first time , but it is also an old species.
  • “This kind of shark is a very odd kind of shark we have ever found.”scientist of the university
  • This shark is a small scientist have never seen this type of shark before in their lives.
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Emperor Tamarin

their small size can make them very agile and can move from branch to branch with great leaps and jerky movements.

“The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest spices of armadillo first discovered in 1825”

This type of monkey is very small and makes jump far because he is also light.

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