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Week of May 12th

Administrator's Corner

Silberstein Stars:

I wanted to thank each of you for all you do everyday! I wanted to thank Ms. Cedillo and her family for making the rice and donating the dessert for our Thursday feast! I wanted to thank Ms. Castillo and her family for their generous discount on the delicious tacos!

Everyday each of us comes to work not expecting to be highlighted for all of the wonderful things we do! We come to school everyday because of the children, our peers and our desire to touch the lives of our future. Because of this I thank you for coming to school with a positive outlook, with a loving heart and with the intent of making a lasting impression on those around us! I want you to know that everyday I feel blessed to have each of you at Silberstein Elementary! Our children are very fortunate to come to a school in which they are encouraged and challenged to succeed! Thank you!!

Although it seems so near to the end (4 weeks) I would like to thank each teacher for continuing to challenge students daily rigorous lessons. Our students need to understand the value of education! They need to understand that each day should be about learning! In order for them to get ahead they need to understand that learning never ends! This is why at Silberstein we take pride in teaching until the last day of school.

Thank you, and have a great day of teaching and learning!

Laura Garza

Climate Survey

Thank you for participating in the District Climate Survey. We had 60% participation. Next year we will aim for 100% participation.

TELL Survey


Please fill out the survey that was given to you by Ms. Garza during an after-school gathering. Your input is extremely important to the state. If you can not find your survey please let me know as I will be receiving more surveys shortly. I have been informed that we need at least 2 more participants so that we can have access to a variety of resources online. So far we only have 50% participation.


Updated Calendar for May will be sent in another email

May 13th and 14th: 5th Grade STAAR

May 15th: Music Memory Competition

May 15th: Grade Level Meetings: Reading and Math Teachers: RtI with Ms. McGee

May 16th: Career Day

Upcoming Events:

May 19th: ACP Training


Ms. Castillo gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Samuel, on Friday, May 9th. He is 9 pounds! She is extremely happy! She sends a BIG HELLO to everyone!

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