Old Cars

Eddie Longoria

The Beginning of Old Cars

What Is a hobby every male enjoys from age 3 all the way to 100. OLD CARS! It starts with plastic trucks , works into models and then the real thing. Realizing there are two things to consider when looking for an old car; Top Brands" and Mystery Finds.

Top Brands

Ford and Chevrolet were the top two brands back in the day. the reason why these two brands were the top ones was because they had very good old muscle cars. Out of the world the top 5 brands were Ford, Chevrolet, Toyta, Pontiac and Porshe.

Mystery Finds

Now a day everyone wants whats new, but some people like to find those rare and unique ones that people have laying around in a shed a shed or grange. These go from 1900's all the way to now but the are amazing.

Last But Not Least

Remember the two things when your considering old cars the top brands and mystery finds. the have the best brands and rare ones all the way to 1900. Don't get any rare then that. I wonder what would happen if all the old cars were all gone would people have a different interest.