Team Update

Jan 20, 2015

How do you do it?

I don't know about you ladies but I have had a slow start to my Stella year. Sure I still love everything and I still enjoy selling but booking... AH! Booking is the hardest thing for me to do! However, booking is the bread and butter ladies!

I have to remind myself about why I started doing this. Some start for the discount and free jewels. Some start to have some extra cash. Some start to completely replace their salary and stay home. Some start for the social piece. Why did you start selling Stella & Dot?

My reasons: Breathing room. I needed breathing room in our budget for me and things that I want. Usually with the monthly bills, that's the paycheck coming in and going right now but I wanted to make sure that if my boys needed anything, if I wanted something, that I could do it. That's my motivation to keep booking!

How do you book? Here are some ways to get those shows going...
1. Book at shows. This isn't always easy but go for it! Worst they can say is no.
2. Participate in Booking Blitz Challenges on our FB page and from Home Office.
3. Call 2 people a day. How hard is that?
4. Follow a weekly plan- Monday is warm up day, Friday is follow up calls.
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So get going and take the first step!


Lastly, don't forget to qualify (sell $500) in January. That's how you get that $100 in free product credit at the end of the quarter to get the new stuff! Qualify!

Booking incentive!

I'd love for us to kill it in February. And let's face it... men are buying for their wives and girlfriends, so there's another great time to use that to our advantage. Also, if the ladies don't have men in their lives now, have a "I hate Cupid" show. (channel Jessica Biel in Valentine's Day)

So, I would love for everyone to have AT LEAST 3 shows. That's less than one a week! Whoever books at least 3 in home trunk shows for February, I will be getting you a special little something to make you look awesome at your Trunk Shows.

AND if you book a NEW January trunk show- you can even more fun goodies!

Signing Bonus!

Don't forget that January is the month to sponsor! Not only will she get an EXTRA $100 in free product credit but if she sells $1000 in her first 30 days, she gets the cost of her kit back! (AND A COMMISSION!)

Sponsoring is just like booking. Ask and follow up. Keep going girls! You got this!