Room 110 Literacy Roundup

Literacy and Beyond!


Last month our focus was on non-fiction text features (maps, diagrams, captions, etc) and text structures (how an author may write a non-fiction text, such as compare/contrast, sequence, etc). Students created mini books using book creator and included paragraphs in each structure stemming from their own lives/experiences.

This month we move on to figurative language and a focus on poetry. Students will be exploring different ways authors use language. Different vocabulary (simile, metaphor, personification, etc) and texts will be looked at an analyzed. It will be a fun way to end our literacy instruction before break!

In the World of Reading...

We have settled into a routine...finally! Students have several different reading times--Reading Focus, Shared Reading, and Guided Reading. Together they form what is known as our Literacy Block.

Here is what will be happening in each of the blocks during December...

Shared Reading: Whole group lesson with a focus on how to read poetry. We will look at how poems are structured and the craft of writing a poem including word choice, figurative language, and patterning.

Focus Reading Groups: In these small groups students will work on figurative language skills such as recognizing similes and metaphors and understanding different types of language such as idioms and personification.

Guided Reading: In these small groups that are level based students will start to explore, with direct guidance, how to break apart poems to find meaning.

Other News to Note

Battle of the Books returns!

Students in grades 4 and 5 have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Battle of the Books program led by our Media Specialist, Jessica Merthan. She has chosen 3 Maude Hart Lovelace nominated books for this battle. Students work in teams to read the books and prepare for the battle by summarizing and noting key details. On Battle day students come together for a quiz bowl type activity where they answer questions on their knowledge of the book. Teams get narrowed down to the top 4th grade and top 5th grade teams, before a final round takes place and a winner is crowned. Book for all levels of readers are included, and books can always be shared by students, or read aloud at home. It is a fun event that really promotes the reading of quality literature. Different battles are held throughout the year, so if your student didn't sign up this time, there's always another chance! Please contact Jessica if you'd like to help prepare a group by being a coach.