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Measure, Optimise, Save

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The Solution guys, offer a solution to businesses to optimise their spending on variable costs.

Areas in which we measure, optimise and save:-

- Gas

- Electricity

- Mobile

- Landlines

- Broadband

- Water

- Insurance

- Waste

Our 4 step Scoring programme to get your business to where it needs to be

1. We score your business using our on-line scoring card

2. We arrange an onsite survey of your businesses physical electrical and water consumption and your businesses wastage in said areas.

3. We do an in-depth analysis of your bills

4. We report our findings and offer the service of implementing the solutions

Our 4 step Scoring programme is absolutely “Free” with no contract or obligation.

The Solution Guys work with market leading Irish companies in the area of Utilities, Telephony and Energy and Water wastage reduction.


We are a typical restaurant business that always has something “immediate” to deal with, be it a fridge braking, a grill not working, a bulb needing to be changed - There is always something! As a result, it is hard to get the time to properly access the markets and be sure that we stay on top of the every changing tariffs that suppliers charge for Gas, Electricity, mobile, Broadband, landlines, insurance, waste etc... So, when we were approached by we knew straight away that we could do with help in this area and we took on their services in May of 2013. Since then we have already being amazed at how many areas they identified savings in and we are delighted to see real changes being made that will make real bottom line differences. The Solution guys demystify the area of billing and energy consumption and let you know exactly how your business is performing.

We Represent All The Major Companies!!

We work along side Irish Experts in the various fields representing all these areas in a business that will make the extra savings possible

Utility Brokers

''We offer a cost cutting service whereby we analyse your existing utility bills and revert back to you, our client, the various options available to you from the market at the best prices''

Testimonials ;

Smart Energy Systems

''Smart Energy Systems Ltd is a water and energy conservation company. We provide essential water and energy conservation products and services to both the domestic and commercial sector. Our primary aim is to replace water and energy with technology''

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E-Light :

''Elight are proud and firm believers that we have designed and manufactured the ultimate achievement in both light energy saving and enduring products. We endorse this by our agreement of guarantee''

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PowerSavvy :

''Our unique Powersavvy Home Electricity Check system monitors your electricity use for a week – then shows you, item by item, those appliances costing you the most. We also recommend easy steps you can take, to make big savings''

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