American Education Week

Gayman Elementary School 2021-2022

A Look into our Classrooms

Everyday 78 staff members and 410 students at Gayman Elementary School work, laugh, and learn together. Our community strives to provide a rigorous education, while keeping children and childhood at the heart of each lesson.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of the Gayman Gazette, as you take a look into the daily life of your child's school day. Enjoy!

Morning Announcements

Every morning, our Gayman school day begins with a 6th grade student leading our Mustang Studio Announcements. This week, we are featuring Gayman's 60th Anniversary Celebration.

This video featured Mr. Fulmer, Mrs. Menard, and Mrs. Flanagan opening our time capsule!

Phonics in Kindergarten

Phonemic instruction is the core of our reading program in kindergarten. Here, our students practice letters and sounds by writing capital and lower case letters.
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Small Group Instruction

In 1st grade, students participate in small group instruction during reading lessons. Here, they learn how to read an unknown word by using picture clues, saying beginning sounds, and considering the story context.
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Narrative Writing

Students in 1st grade enjoy writing personal narrative stories about losing a tooth, or a great-grandpop's new puppy, or finding a snake. The stories are opportunities to write with story structure, using a beginning, middle, and end.
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Owl Pellet Dissection

What did the owl eat? By carefully taking apart an owl pellet, these 2nd grade scientific students discovered jawbones, skulls and more of various animals.
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Third Grade is ... Analyzing Illustrations

In 3rd grade, our students are carefully analyzing illustrations to identify the author's purpose. They learned that illustrations add information and details to a story.

Art in 3rd Grade

In Mrs. Noone's 3rd grade art classes, students are learning about organic shapes as they study the movement and illustrations of fish.
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Learning about the Past and Making Connections to the Future

In 4th grade, our students are reading biographies and learning about influential people in history. From athletes to artists, our students selected a wide-variety of individuals to study.

Programming Robots

In Mrs. Rhodes's 5th grade class, her students are learning how to program robots to track a line, spin in a circle, and move an object.

5th Grade Math and Reasoning

In Mr. Maduzia's math class, our students find meaning in multi-step problems using a bar model.

"Cole earned some money in a summer job. He saved 1/4 of his earnings. He spent 4/9 of the remainder to download movies, and the rest he used to buy a t-shirt. What fraction of his earnings did he spend on movie downloads?"

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Reading to Learn

Library with Mrs. Thomas is a time for students to read and learn about their world. This 6th grade class listened and discussed the story, The Wall, by Eve Bunting.
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Responding to a Novel

After reading the book, Restart, our 6th grade students responded to literature through a project of their choice. One student created a commercial on cyberbullying; another charted character development through a Power Point, and still another researched brain injuries.

We Have a Smart Future!

Ms. Meier leads many of our classroom discussions, including conversations about possible future careers. Our students are given the opportunity to explore the Smart Futures website and read about interests and careers.
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Thank you!

From our school family to yours, thank you for taking a look inside our classrooms!
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