The Silver Bowl

By: Diane Stanley


Seven year old Molly leaves home to serve in the kitchen of a palace.  She struggles to adapt but her skills get her noticed to receive a promotion to the assistant silver polisher.  Molly has a secret; she sees future visions while polishing the king’s silver bowl.  She can see the truth behind the curse that haunted the royal house for generations. There have already been deaths but there is more to come. She hopes to save the prince and destroy the curse but the strengths of the curse might be too much.
·Martha can see visions of people dying before they die. She gets it from her mother. People are afraid of her and call her a witch. Her father sends her away to go work and says if she comes back he will beat her to death.
Molly's mother gives her most prized possession, a necklace her father made with W and M engraved on it for William and Martha. Her father put some good magic in it and it should comfort her and give her courage.