Do you have freedom of religion?

Freedom Of belief and religion -Roberto S. And Luis M.

Why does Freedom of religion violates Human rights?

Why is Freedom of religion important one might say.Freedom of religion is just like any other human rights.Freedom of religion is important , because no matter what ones religion is , all religion have one thing in common. If an individual is forced to follow individual is forced to follow certain customs and beliefs, that person is not being fully religious.An example is a person is not a christian just because that individual parents tried to make him be one.Why is this an issue you might ask , well because in many countries people are bound to be one religion and that religion only.If they try to change their religion from Muslim to Christianity they could server jail time or death.

The ACLU is a select group that has more argued that other issues involving government endorsement and sponsorship of religion also should not be left to government officials also should not be left to government officials and political majority.

In Afghan a judge said that a man named Abdur Rahman has been jailed from converting Islam to Christianity.He could also get the death penalty if he does not convert to a Muslim again.

On August 1 , Millions of Americans lose their freedom to religion.Employers with religious and moral objections to the mandate must choose between complying and desert your faith or resist and be a subject to crippling fines.HHS has written a rule that not only denies Americans our right to live our faith in our daily lives.HHS has also made government judge and jury over what is an acceptable practice of faith.

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