Build Up or Break Down?

Contructive an Destructive processes

By: Cheyenne Irby

Build Up

Constructive Processes (Build Ups) are when something happens to the Earth that helps it instead of herting it. Its like, when a volcano erupts, after the lava dries upit makes new hills. Also when rocks break off and fall into the ocean, they break down into little peices and form sand, then the sand washes onto a beach, it all adds up.

The People Help

Us humans have had a hand in it too, its not all natural. One way we have helped is, losening soil by rivers, that way the river can pick up sediment and bring it to a new location.

Break Down

Destructive Processes (Break Down) are when something happens to the Earth that breaks that part of it. Like a Landslide, when it happens that part of the mountain breaks of, thus destroying it. Thats just the beginning...

The People Hurt

We have not only helped help the Earth, but we have also helped hurt it. One way we have helped hurt it is, building roads, when the cars are driving they make alot of noise, and that could cause a Landslide.