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End of Year - May 2016

Principal's Corner

During this time of year, our students are testing in order for us to determine if students have learned what they needed to learn, and are prepared for the next grade level. Our K-2 students are taking TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory), DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and End of Year Benchmarks for language arts and math. Of course, our 3rd-5th grade students are not only taking the DRA, but are also busy taking STAAR assessments. 3rd grade students take reading and math, 4th grade students assess in reading, writing and math, and 5th grade students focus on reading, math and science. All of this data is used to determine next steps for instruction, and also helps us identify how best to meet the needs of each of our students, in addition to setting goals/strategies for our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP).

Our 5th graders are in an SSI (Student Success Initiative) grade level. This means that they need to pass reading and math STAAR in order to be considered for promotion to the next grade level. We take into account overall performance for the school year, in addition to STAAR. Our 5th graders first tested for reading and math at the end of March. The first time around, 90% met standard on reading, with 45% performing at the advanced level, and 83% met standard on math, with 28% performing at the advanced level. We are very proud of our students and know those who are testing again this week, will knock it out of the park!!

Knowing that assessments are usually a one day snapshot, we remind our students of the IB Attitudes and Profile Traits that come to mind. Enthusiasm, commitment, risk-takers, thinkers and inquirers, just to name a few. Our students always show amazing perseverance and resilience during this time of year. We appreciate parent support in encouraging and helping our students to maintain balance.

Together we can accomplish more!

Go Eagles!!

Character Corner

Students have been utilizing the Friendship Bench during recess. This is a way for students who are feeling left out to find a buddy to play with. When students see other students sitting on the bench, they approach them to play during recess. Such a great way for all students to feel they fit in!! For more information about the Friendship Bench, you can visit this website.

AP Highlights

Although our sights may now be set on summer, ATTENDANCE everyday is important to the educational growth of your child. Please be sure that if your child is not sick, they are present at school and on time daily. If your child does miss school due to illness, please be sure to turn in a signed parent note explaining the absence within 48 hours.

CLASS PLACEMENT begins now and is worked on throughout the summer. Your input is valuable. If you have not already filled out the input form, please take a minute and fill it out now. You have until May 20th.

Class Placement Form

As the weather gets warmer, please encourage your child's choices of clothes to meet Dress Code requirements found in our Student Handbook. IE: length of shorts and tank tops. You can review the Student Handbook online at:

Student Handbook

Instructional Insight

Help your child avoid the Summer Slide in Math! Think Through Math, a web-based educational resource available to all current 3rd-5th graders, will continue to be available to your child in the summer. Please click here for more information and to learn how to register for the TTM Summer Splash.
LISD Student Site

This site is full of excellent resources for your child! Please add it to your bookmark bar and encourage your child to explore all that it has to offer.

IB News

Join us for 5th grade Exhibition on May 26! We will showcase our IB learning 8:15-10:15 am and 1:15-2:15 pm. The students created the central idea, "World conflicts are solved by action." They are studying ways to take action on topics they are passionate about. Come learn about world issues such as animal abuse, poverty, skin cancer, diabetes, lack of clean water and more.

2015-2016 Parent Survey Results

Please take a minute to look at our survey results. We had 133 respondents, and continue to be excited about looking for areas in need of growth. Thanks for your input!

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Grade Level Bright Spots

Kindergarten - Q & U had a wedding in kindergarten! It was quick, quiet and a lovely ceremony. Students will forever remember that QU are together in English words all throughout the world!

1st Grade - We are thrilled that Ms. Salomons has been able to join us in 1st grade, due to class size limitations. She loves working with the students, and they enjoy learning with her!

2nd Grade - To go along with the IB Unit, How We Organize Ourselves, 2nd grade will be sellling Pulseras the week of May 16-20th from 7:20 - 7:45 just outside the 2nd grade classrooms. For more information about the Pulsera Project, go to

3rd Grade - Students just finished up the IB Unit, How We Organize Ourselves, with a mini-exhibition. The students were asked to help the Mayor of Austin accommodate the 158 people moving to Austin each ay. Ideas regarding areas of improvement needed most were generated and discussed. Some areas they decided to accommodate they built as 3D models you can see in the pictures below!

4th Grade - Students have been working hard on their Sharing the Planet summatives! A "Triorama" which portrays the perspective of an Alamo defender, Mexican soldier, or loved one at the final battle of the Alamo.

Fourth graders have also been studying different types of energy, including electrical energy. Students were given materials and allowed to explore and put together and electrical circuit with light bulbs and motors!

5th Grade - World conflicts are solved by actions. May is an exciting time of year for our 5th graders! Our students are taking action to make a difference with world conflicts. Some issues our students are researching are both close to home and worldwide. Come visit on May 26th to support students working hard to make a positive difference.

Upcoming Dates

May 18 - PTA Meeting/Coffee Talk @ 7:45

May 23 - Bad Weather Make-up Day (No School)

May 24 - 3rd-5th Performances @ 1:30 and 5:45

May 27 - Fly High Friday Assembly @ 7:45

May 30 - Memorial Day (No School)

June 1 - 5th Grade Celebration and EoY Party

June 2 - Kindergarten Celebration and EoY Grade Level Parties (Check school website for more info)

June 3 - Last Day of School (Early Release @ Noon)