Insert Pics & Text into Publisher

for the PC

Step by step instructions

1. Go to the ball on the left bottom and open Microsoft Publisher.

2. Select a blank page.

3. At the top bar, click insert text box.

4. You will see a cross. Use your mouse to drag a box the size you want.

5. The top green thing is called a handle. You use this to turn your box.

6. Put your arrow on top of the handle.

7. You will see an arrow going in a circle.

8. Drag arrow to turn the box.

9. To move the box: Put your arrow over one of the lines of the box.

10. Look for a cross with arrows on it.

11. Click and drag the box to where ever you want to move it.

12. To make your textbox bigger: Put the arrow over any of the dots in the corners or along the line. Drag out to make the bigger. Drag in to make it smaller.

13. At the top bar, click insert picture.

14. Choose picture. Double click.

15. To make picture smaller or bigger: Use the corner dot and drag in or out.

16. You must use corner to keep the picture from distorting.

17. At the very top left there is an arrow pointing left/down. This is the undo button. Push it once to undo the last thing you did.


Click on the link above to view a short video on how to insert pictures and text into Microsoft Publisher.