Samantha Johnson

About Jamaica/language/geography

Jamaica is a tropical island which lots of people visit.Jamaica is a small island that is surrounded by the Caribbean ocean.The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.In Jamaica people speak English,and Jamaican creole some words are mi-me,dey-they,e-he,yuh-you,wi-we.Jamaica is has lots of hills,vallys,and water.

Jamaica's history


Jamaica is a parliamentary democracy governed under the constitution of 1962.It has a bicameral parliament made up of a 21-member senate and 60-member house of representatives.The prime minister is the head of government.The prime minister that runs things now is Portia Simpsion Miller

Religion/transportation/fun facts

The religion of Jamaicans is 64% christian,62%protestant and 2% Roman catholic,24%church of god,7% Baptist,10%others.The transportation is cars, buses,taxies,trains,and is similar to were we live.Jamaica has a tropical climate with high tempertures and humid weather.In Jamaica they drive on the left hand side of the road.Jamaica was claimed by Spain after Christerpher Columbus landed there in 1494.It then became under English rule in 1655 before gaining independence in 1962.In Jamaica they like to play sports like cricket,rugby,basketball,and football.
The Jamaican National Anthem