The Golden State!

All About California!

California has it all...from the snow-capped mountains, to the sweeping coastlines, to the dry deserts, and unique wildlife, to the lush forests, and of course the long amazing stretches of the golden beaches! The beautiful coastline curves north of Los Angeles to San Francsico along the famous Big Sur coastal highway, which is one of USA's most scenic drives and the backdrop to hundreds of Hollywood movies. Don't forget, California is home to the World famous DisneyLand, and Golden Gate Bridge which is located in San Fran.
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Los Angeles Beach

This is one of the beaches in Los Angeles California. There's so many fun things to do like kayak, swim, boating, fishing, and just relaxing on the beach getting a tan.

Interesting facts about the Geography in California

California is the third largest state in the US and has over 1,200 miles of coastline. California always amazes tourists with its incredible geography and its diversity. Northern part of California is mostly mountain ranges. The main mountain is called the Klamath Mountains which take up the whole northern region of california. The Klamath Mountain reaches of about 6,000-8,000 ft. in height. The Central Valley forms the heartland of the countryside, which flows from the east and ranges to the west coast. Earthquakes are a huge part of california.

California's Weather!

California has a Medditerrean climate with tons of warm sunshine and mainly moderate temperatures. During the winter months is when California gets most of its rain, and mainly in the northern part of the state. Death Valley temperatures can reach up to a high of 120 degrees farhenheit. The mountain range areas in the Sierras can get very cold. Southern California has mainly warm and sunny temperatures all year round.

Disney Land Parks

Disneyland is one of the best attraction in California! It brings lots of fun and smiles when vacationing here! You won't wanna leave, and you'll have so many memories that you'll never forget!
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Subculture In California


Hipsters like to be hip and trendy, ususally in 20's and some in their early 30's. They wear a lot of tight jeans, neon, ironic shirts, and mainly looks like they're from the 80's. They listen to indie music and rides bikes with many not owning a car. Hipsters take way to many pictures of themselves and their friends also they are facebook addicts. They drink a lot of gourmet coffee and love to eat grilled cheeses.


Hippies are old timers who never left the era of newcomers. They're bohemian, and have a lack of personal hygene and many have dreadlocks, and ususally live with just enough money to live on and by. Hippies will smoke weed. they wear a lot of eco-friendly clothing that has a style of Bohemian, and are vegetarians. Women are really skinny and usually frail-looking.


Yuppies are young clean cut educated working people, usually in there 20's and 30's. They are work-oriented and drive nice bikes they ride are perfomrance cycles and normally drive a car if they have one. Yuppies are very intelligent and live in luxury most of the time. they wear a lot of black and white and also gray, and are wine drinkers. There are many more subcultures along with these ones too.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Nation Park is the number one most visited place in California among tourists. It has over 760,000 acres of land and is filled with beautiful waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and plant and animal wildlife. Visitors can hike among 800 miles of trails or drive along the beautiful scenic routes to experience the amazing landscaping and wildfire. If you travel here individually and for 7 days, the price you will pay is $10 dollars. If you travel here on automobile for 7 days it is $20 dollars. You can also get a Yosemite Pass which is a year long and costs $40 dollars. If you're a senior you only pay $10 dollars and that's for a lifetime.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most visited tourist attractions in California. This Gate sets on the San Franscico Bay and expands over a mile long. This landmark is the most photographed bridge in the world! People can walk, drive, run, and bike on this bridge.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is 2 million years old and is one of the largest lakes in the world. It lies right on the border of California and Nevada. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and offers exciting events and activities all year round to tourists. During the winter people go snow skiing, snowmobile riding, and snow-tubing on the lake. During the summer people go sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boating, and swimming. Definitely a great place to visit any time of the year! When traveling to Lake Tahoe depending on what lift you take usually ranges from $25-55 dollars for children and adults range from $50-95 dollars. These are for a six day pack.

Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline stretches 90 miles along the central coast of California. It is one of the most beautiful routes in the world to drive on. Over 3 million drivers who have drove on the coastline travel on this highway so they can admire and photograph one of the country's most amazing scenery and attraction. The drive includes the 40 foot Sur Lighthouse, and Bixby Bridge, which is the world's tallest single-span bridges in the US.


Disneyland is a world famous amusement park where Walt Disney movies and characters all come to life in this magical place! This park has loads of fun from the roller-coasters, to the rides, to the magical shows, and even meeting characters. It includes shopping in all the gift shops and eating at the restaurants inside the park. You'll never wanna leave once your in, its that Magical and so much Fun!! Children under 3 years of age get into the park free. If you do a 1-day-1-park pack you will pay $90.00 for children and $96.00 for adults. If you do a 1-day Hopper you will pay $144.00 for children and $150.00 for adults. The more parks you go to and longer you stay the prices will rise from $175.00-350.00 dollars.