The Indian Princesses Journey By: Emma Evanoff

Introduction paragraph

Three different names, estimated about 26 different brothers and sisters, only one chance. Pocahontas was born as the daughter of a Powhatan Indian Chief in 1595. She saved John Smith when she was only twelve. She gave Jamestown goods and supplies. Pocahontas started making a difference at a very young age.

John Smith

Pocahontas saved John Smith from her father. 'Smith led the British Colonists into the Virginia Territory and they were met by the Powhatan Indian Tribe. The Indians (along with Pocahontas' father) ambushed John Smith and were about to execute him until Pocahontas saved him she begged and begged her father not to hurt him. The Indians were ordered to smash his head between two rocks until Pocahontas moved her head in front of his in between the two rocks. She became a life long hero to John Smith to today.


Pocahontas is known as a hero to Jamestown, in the many ways she helped she basically saved the settlement. One of the most important ways she helped was that she helped them make peace with the Indians by persuading her father to make peace with the settlers. She gave them goods like food and fresh water. Unfortunately conflict rose between the two colonies and the Powhatan Indians felt threatened so the tribe grabbed all of their potential weapons and they killed any English Settlers in sight, the Indians also burnt down houses and stole the Settlers food supplies. Of course Pocahontas was not too fond of this idea but the settlers knew she was there for them, even if she was part of the tribe that was destroying their land and killing their citizins.

Late life

After all of this fuss with John Smith and the Jamestown settlers Pocahontas finally got a break. Most people think that she married John Smith according to the Disney movie, but she actually married John Rolfe in 1614. They later had a child named Thomas Rolfe on January,30 1615. On March 1617 Rolfe and Pocahontas boarded a ship to Virginia they had only reached as far as Gravesend on the Thomas River when Pocahontas became very ill. She was taken ashore and died in the arms of John Rolfe at age 22.

Concluding Paragraph

Even though Pocahontas died so young she still accomplished a lot for her age, imagine what 22 year olds do now to accomplish that much. Jamestown had trusted her for food and supplies. Pocahontas had almost taken her life for John Smith. She married John Rolfe and had a child. Pocahontas has inspired me to do more at my age.