Propaganda in WW1

A little exaggeration never hurt, right?

Birth of Propaganda

In WW!, there was a lot of waiting and even more worrying. Back at home, journalists needed something new to hype up war. Thus, propaganda was born. War through inexperienced and naive eyes.
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This poster above was meant to evoke guilt in the viewers at home. While they were at home, "playing in the surf", there were tons of soldiers in horrible trenches, just hoping to make it through the next hour. This ad was meant to recruit soldiers to join the effort, instead of just sitting at home. This is bandwagon propaganda, which recruits everyone to go and help.
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Wake up America. Even though women and children couldn't physically be on the battlefield, much was asked of them. Tactics like saving food, helping in factories, and donating all they could to war effort were what kept ALL of America in this battle. This is glittering generality, because it has that nationalist view of America, appealing to honor and freedom.
WWI Propaganda Video
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This is an example of modern day propaganda, basically saying how much of a hero you will be if you enlist.
Done by Josie Evans.