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Director's Newsletter

April 27th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

I hope every middle school student found some joy and meaning in this year's Outdoor Education experience! Facing challenges together in the great outdoors strengthens relationships, builds confidence, and gives us the chance to push ourselves beyond what we thought possible.

I want to thank all students who rose to the occasion determined to have a great time! As a school we appreciate the maturity these kids showed in setting aside personal differences and cheering one another on. Many thanks also to the our excellent teaching staff for keeping kids safe, happy, and engaged.

Our Boys and Girls Basketball teams will hit the ground running tomorrow morning - the boys will compete at GSIS while the girls compete at SFS. Good luck CDS Phoenix!

We have an eventful week ahead of us with Term 5 beginning on Tuesday, and the Spanish Speech Competition on Wednesday. On Thursday, our 8th graders will visit the Korean War Memorial Museum with Mr. Drews, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Lyke. As the year winds down, CDS students can expect to be very busy so hang in there everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Grade 5 & 6 Adventure Korea Highlights

Day 1

5th and 6th grade had quite an eventful day today. We left CDS right on time arrived at out destination in Suwon without a hitch. Upon arriving we engaged in some creative wood working. Kids made hot-plates and magnets using their hammering skills and decorative know-how.

After a packed lunch we headed up the nearby mountain to begin the main event, Zip-lining and obstacle courses. It was a major blast full of adrenaline and endurance. Exhausted from the adventures we headed toward our hotel and had dinner. It’s about time for us to head out again soon for some nightly hiking and exploration. Wish us the best!

~Mr. Howell

Day 2

The second day of our trip began with an early morning, breakfast, and a quick room clean up. We then began our activities at Suwon fortress where we engaged in an ancient form of archery. Mr. Brennan proved to be the most skilled among us, as he was the only person to stick an arrow straight in the target! Afterward we explored the fortress and tried our hands at flying traditional kites. Some struggled to get the kites off the ground, but once they found their stride it was quite a sight to witness.

We returned to our original residence for lunch and with renewed spirits set off for Suwon Palace. Once we got there we received papers and divided into groups of four. Students then wandered around the palace looking for various landmarks and collecting stamps while playing games and competing with one another. All in all it was an adventurous and tiresome day. Upon reflection, I’m certain this trip was a unique opportunity for students to learn the virtues of independence, responsibility, and community. I hope it leaves a lasting impression.

-Mr. Howell

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Grade 7 & 8 Adventure Korea Highlights

Mina Kim's Day 1 Reflection

Today was an excellent day learning about communication, collaboration and critical thinking by taking part in adventure korea’s rope course.

We started the day by taking part in team building activities at the base of the rope course. We then partook in the rope swing(scary!!!!!!!!!!!) and the high plank walk:))))))). It took all of our concentration and bravery to get through some of these activities!

​At dinner time, we made pasta for ourselves and ate some barbecued chicken and pork belly. Now we are off to our campfire to make some s’mores!!!
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SCBS News 4/25/2018
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Spanish Speech Contest

World Language Department is glad to announce that MS Spanish Speech Contest will take place on Wednesday May 2nd at the Small Theatre during CC time 14:50-16:00. We are sure that this event will promote the development of students’ communication, creativity and critical thinking.

The general theme of the contest is Tourism in the Spanish speaking countries. Presentations are linked with Term #4 Project, in which students had the opportunity to (1) deepen their knowledge about the 21 countries that have Spanish as an official language, (2) use Spanish as a mean to acquire knowledge by searching information in Spanish in the Internet and (3) foster their oracy and leadership skills. We can´t wait to see all your great work and to listen you practicing your Spanish! #En español

-- Mr. Biarje

Grade 6 Native American Exhibit Project

In 6th grade Social Studies during Term 4 students studied Native American societies. The essential question guiding the unit was this: Was the destruction of Native American societies inevitable?

In groups, students were tasked with researching and creating a museum exhibit utilizing multiple forms of media to highlight the major features of prominent Native American societies. Earlier this week students presented their exhibits.

Students were knowledgeable about the societies they were exhibiting and were able to apply good critical thinking skills when I asked them tough questions about their work. Well done Grade 6!

Grade 7 Science Life Cycle Book Project

Student's in Mr. Howell's Life Science class studied animal life cycles during Term 4. They were tasked with creating an illustrated book displaying the life cycle and development of of an organism from birth to death.

Each student chose from one of the animal groups they had studied over the course of the term. The were required to include notes and text where appropriate to accompany the illustrations in their books and provide details on the processes taking place.

Earlier this week the 7th grade classes visited the First Program and read their books to Ms. Javernick's 3rd graders. The Grade 3s were a great audience and the experience was meaningful to our 7th graders.

Sports Day Video
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Upcoming Events

5/2 - Term 5 Begins

5/2 - MS Spanish Speech Contest

5/3 - 8th Grade Field Trip to War Memorial Museum

5/11 - Chinatown Field Trip

5/15 - 5/17 - Spring MAP Testing