Conferring Newsletter

Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion

All About Conferring

Conferring is the purposeful conversation teachers have with students to assess current skills and provide immediate and targeted instruction. The goal is to uncover a reader’s thinking, understandings or reflections, in order to teach to their current needs, and move them to independence as a reader.

Getting Started & Growing your Practice

As we move forward in setting goals for this cycle, you may want to think about:

If you are getting started with conferring or if this is new to you, how might you get started? What do you need to have in place to get started?

If this is an established practice in your classroom, what is an area of growth for you at this time?

Don't forget that you already have a variety of tools at your fingertips with the Cycle 5: Conferring Google Docs shared with each of you (where you complete your self-reflection). Here you will find:

*Conferring Self Reflection & Action Plan

*Best Practices for Conferring

*Conferring Planning Template

*Conferring Observation Guide

Conferring Video Resources

Here are a few video resources you may be interested in, in addition to those shared at the rollout presentation:

1. Rick's Reading Workshop: One-on-One

2. Jennifer Seravallo: Mini Conference

3. Jennifer Seravallo: Conferring Webinar