I want to be a Master Gunsmith.

By: Joe Gross

What a person in this career does?

People in this career fix and customize guns plus they restore guns. They also create their own ammo.

Why you chose this career?

The reason why I chose this career is because I love to hunt and guns really interest me.

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why?

It falls under the physical science category because you are working with inanimate matter and machines.

Something you found interesting about the career?

One thing I found interesting about this career was that gunsmiths actually make a good amount of money.

What experience or skills are needed?

You need to know how to operate, build, repair, and modify fire arms. Plus you need to know how to work with wood, plastic, and metal.

Education needed to obtain this career? (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling)

It’s a vocational program with 16 months (4 semesters) of education; basically, it equates to an Associate’s Degree.