Lineville Technology

By:Cierra Loppnow

i Tralier

With iTrailer you can make a trailer of whatever you choose . Like, I did mine on German Shepherds and I had fun with all the pictures and creating it. iTrailer comes with all different themes from like going on vacation, or anything that you want to make an iTrailer on.

I Movie

You can add videos, pictures, voice recordings. iMovie is the grown-up version of iTrailer. It also has many different themes like iTrailer. I had fun doing mine with my Science project when we were doing Astronomy, I added pictures of my project I was doing.

Explain Everything

On Explain Everything you can either type or write with the colors they give you, or you can choose your own. You can record your work, or you can record it when you're all done and just go through. There are slides which you can make more than 1 if you are showing more than one and want them on different slides.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app that you can make a presentation of whatever you choose. It is a fun app, you can add pictures to the background and can type in fonts. The more you type the smaller your writing gets. When I used Haiku Deck for a project I did it on Police Officers and it was a lot of fun.

Wis Careers

Wis Careers is where you can look up information on jobs and occupations. When you look up a occupation on the side will be tabs on the side and they will say "about the job, education path, outlook, salary, employers, job openings, learn more, video." You can look up almost any job you want.

Go Animate

On Go Animate you can make videos with characters and make them talk. You can make them do an action that is on the side to choose from. I made one before and I made my people that were talking sit down. There are many different settings that you can choose from like in a Library, Living room, etc.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

Learn to type typing web is a Website where you learn to type without looking at a keyboard, and so you can learn where the letters are on the keyboard. It has you do different lessons like on punctuation, capitol letters, full words and sentences. You can advance to different levels like when you're finished with beginner course you move on to intermediate course on so on.