The Boom Site Literary Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 2: October 2017

Letter from the Editor

Hello, readers of the St. Croix Valley!

It is our great pleasure to present the second issue of The Boom Site Literary Magazine. It has been wonderful to watch our magazine grow over the past few months. All of the submissions received for this issue were equally impressive as the first and we continue to be proud of mission as a youth-initiated, youth-centered publication.

As the seasons change, you'll notice us undergoing some changes as well! Our next issue will be a printed, hard-copy publication just in time for the holidays. Submissions for this issue will open next week — make sure to watch your emails and our Facebook page for more details!

Additionally, we are holding a contest to find our new logo! If you enjoy art, I highly recommend you enter this. The winner receives $100! Find out more information below.

Thank you for supporting your local youth literary magazine, and enjoy the prose and poetry!

All my best,




My apple tree

In the backyard

Blooms a red pearl rain,

Flowers a green storm,

Sighs in golden waves...

"Apple​ ​Tree​ ​in​ ​Reds,​ ​Greens,​ ​and​ ​Golds" by Zoe

Bring me back to when

My life wasn't so gray

Back to when my life

Wasn't just the day to day

A sensation in your gut...

"Finished at 4:54 AM" by Adam

People say water is blue,

But they are wrong.

Sky makes the water blue.

Water reflects sky making it

Turquoise, purple, and aqua...

"Mirror of Water" by Zoe


I’m so sorry,


I cannot believe


I was so naive...

"Some Kind of Hell" by Alexander

It was snowing

The day

She left us.

In a blizzard

Of pain...

"Tragedy" by Adam

There is a pond

In a place

No one can see.

The water ripples across

The clear pond...

"Water Lily" by Zoe


Samuel is sitting in his room, simple with a bed, a wooden dresser, and a mirror. It’s night, and he is reading...

"Silent Beauty" by Alexander''

Men and women sitting around table. MICHAEL CRAFT sits at the head of the table. Storms are raging outside...

"Untitled" by Abby

Staff Creative Work

"Our Touches" by Eleanor (Poetry Editor)

"an unsolicited operation" by Elysia (Editor-in-Chief)

"A Heart's Confession" by Evelyn* (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

"thank you" by Evelyn* (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

"Untitled" by Evelyn* (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

"Where am I from" by Evelyn* (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

"Infatuation" by Hannah (Poetry Editor and Social Media Liaison)

"Advice from a Bagel" by Ivy* (Prose and Visual Arts Editor)

"His Maple Tree" by Ivy* (Prose and Visual Arts Editor)

"Just Me" by Ivy* (Prose and Visual Arts Editor)

"My Art" by Ivy* (Prose and Visual Arts Editor)

* indicates a new staff member

Selections from Issue One


A house is not a home

unless you make it yours

you have to breathe on window glass

mouth fog

to rub

and leave the smear...

"A House Is Not a Home" by Penelope

i am but a simple ghost; will you still love me? i am

but a simple ghost...

"i am but a simple ghost" by Rie

perhaps you enjoy writing mystery novels but let me tell you...

"i want you to trust me" by Rie

As the long days go by

Do you ever ask yourself

What’s the purpose of life?

Is it living and spending every second the best you could

Because some people couldn’t? ...

"Long lost days recovered" by Valentina

Zoom! The lemon yellow radical goes five hundred miles per hour,

He pivots the mars black steering wheel around and around like it is an extension of his body,

His ears mute the whole world around him like nothing exists...

"My Dad and the Racing Perspective of Life" by Valentina


an ashy word,

so many people at once.

Bought instead of earned...

"Night Rain" by Maeve

Oh, foggy autumn

Swallow me whole;

Let me dissipate

Into your rain-soaked roads...

"Plea to Mother Nature" by Sarah Marie

I've got few words

And many things to say-

Somehow mountains can speak

Without ever knowing our language...

"Tacit, If You Bother to Listen" by Sarah Marie

A humble three-room dwelling, his room, narrow and sparse.

Shared with his older sister.

Suppers were small, simple and meager, hardly adequate for a growing boy...

"Untitled" by Wren

a new year a new me a new life a new

time waiting planning crying

i am


"when the world sleeps" by Rie


The fire was coming. It swept towards the village from all directions. It was bursting with heat, and as it loomed over the small buildings, it turned into thick tendrils of deep black smoke...

"Beyond the Wall of Darkness" by Alex

I have always been fascinated with fire. So warm and bright. I love it even though it killed my parents when I was ten months old. They were killed so long ago that I shouldn’t remember them, but I do...

"Flame of the Hearth" by Ella

I shuffled deeper into my blankets and couch cushions as I heard the floorboards creak. A quiet murmur of good night was heard from my roommate and I waved my hand up in response, quickly bringing it back down to return it to warmth...

"It's Raining Somewhere Else" by Retirw-Tsitra