Week 17 Announcements

All work due 12/17

Remember that All Pacing Guides end this week!

The final week in the semester if for students to wrap up any missing assignments or to submit any re-dos for a higher grade. Work submitted after 12/11 will be entered into PowerSchool at the END of the Winter Break, since Ms. A will be on vacation. Link to Pacing Guides

Lang Arts Students ONLY - Final Exams opened Monday 12/7

Remember that you must have a proctor for your exam. A proctor is someone who knows that you are taking a final exam and can confirm that you did not use any materials other than those allowed on the exam. There are 2 exams: the test and the writing assessment.

Ms. will be off the grid the final week of the semester!

Please note that Ms. A will be out of the country, off the grid, unreachable next week. If you have an academic emergency, please contact Rich Bartolowits, Distance Education Program Coordinator at 714-8919. All grades will be updated upon her return at the end of the Winter Break.

Contact Me!

Remember that Ms. A is gone the final week in the semester.