Isaac Dubois

Romeo wrote that he was dead to a letter to his father the tomb to be with Juliet " this letter he early bird me give..."(Shakespeare act III scene V) such as the soldier in the song start at 00:39 stop at about 01:10 they both are talking about how they have died and wrote to their loved ones stating that they will be dead but do not grief over me.
Tim McGraw - Lay me Down
As a result of Romeo falling in love with Juliet he killed himself so they could be together, Because romeo killed himself he ruined the relationship such as the boyfriend abusing his girlfriend in the scene watch whole thing in the movie "no one could tell" both men ruined their relationships by one man killed himself the other abused his girlfriend who then broke up with him both men mad their partners upset Romeo mad juliet upset because he killed himself the guy in the movie mad his girlfriend upset because he abused so one female killed herself because she was upset because her husband killed himself the other was upset because her boyfriend abused her so therefore she broke up with him.
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