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Mrs. Hindash & Mrs. Uselman - 2nd Grade Teachers

We have compiled a list of websites students can access at home and put them all in one place. Let us know if you need any help getting started. #welovetechnology #practiceathome

Spelling City

Practice the weekly spelling list using Spelling City. You can also download this app for most smart phones. Search for the username: mrsuselman to find our class lists. #practicemakesperfect #ilove100s


Practice MobyMax at home by clicking here. #mathrocks #workonwhatineedhelpon

To log in - click "log in" and enter code tx3181. Enter your username (the same one you use for istation) and 6 digit student id for your password.

Istation Download

Click Here to download Istation for your home computer. #tier1 #vocabulary #spelling #comprehension

To log in - type in your username (usually your first name followed by your first initial of your last name) and 6 digit student id for your password.

Reflex Math

Do you want to practice Reflex Math at home? No problem, click the link to take you where you need to go. #ilovemath #practicemyfacts

To log in - click "launch" and type in "hindash". Select your homeroom teacher's name. Choose your name from the list and type in your 6 digit student id.

Weekly Story

Would you enjoy reading our weekly story again? We've got you covered. The ConnectEd website has the story and more! #readreadread #alwaystestedonthursday

To log in - select Mrs. Uselman. Click on your name and enter your 3 picture passcode.

Brain Pop Jr.

Your student can use Brain Pop Jr. during the day at home. #videosgamesandmore #astudentfavorite

To log in - click "log in" and enter the username (godleyjr) and password (brainpop).

Enter My Test

Use this link to enter your weekly assessment. This link will only be used at school with Mrs. Uselman. #onlyatschool #becarefulwhatyouchoose

The Hinduselman

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